A walk through Camden up to

Primrose Hill and a little pit stop at The Albert.

The Albert IMG_4027 The Albert

Even after after a few busy days spent in London it’s hard to think there are any real escapes from such a hectic city life…how wrong could I have been?

We we’re recommended by someone to walk through Camden up to Primrose Hill. So we set off on our little stroll taking in the quirkiness of Camden town, shortly after we found ourselves surrounded by large town houses amongst the greenery in regents Park which is just below the famous Primrose Hill.

We briskly walked our way up to the top of the hill and took in the views. After our high expectations of this place, myself and Liam looked at one another disappointingly. ‘It’s not that great is it?’

We decided to give it another shot and come back up once  the sky grew dark hoping the moonlight would make it that little more magical. We found one of the nearest coffee shop’s – a quaint cafe named ‘ le tea cosy’ – perfect! As you would expect from Camden itself the cafe was unusually cute inside and affordable too! I had a cafetiere and Liam had a hot chocolate. The bill came to just under £6. Not bad I’d say for an indie coffee shop in London. The waiting staff were lovely too!

Our tummy’s warm and satisfied, the streetlights on and the sky now in darkness for the second time we set stroll up the hill of Primrose Hill. Typically all day we had been singing The Promise by Girls aloud – if you don’t know the lyrics (embarrassingly we do) Sarah Harding sings ‘Here I am walking primrose…wondering when I will see you again.’

I am so glad we gave it another chance! It was (almost) breathtaking. Very hard to believe you’re still in London. (Apart from the obvious signs that are the big wheel and the BT tower). Here are a few images…


Beautiful isn’t it! (If only I had my camera and not an iphone ha) It’s Even better in person I highly recommend the walk in the evening if you want a romantic stroll. What a perfect idea in time for valentine’s day!? On the way back we spotted a cosy, traditional looking pub – The Albert, it was hard to resist stopping off for a swift few. Here’s what I thought…


  • Currently under going major refurb, for us this wasn’t an issue. When taking in the beautiful architecture, traditional log fire and traditional interior you soon forget about the scaffolding outside.
  • The staff – Lovely and super friendly!
  • The prices – Affordable to mid price range. We paid £6.60 for a pint and a half for Estrella. Shorts were a little more on the expensive side (although for London maybe this is the norm).  


Quiz night – quiz night Tuesday



Take a peak inside –



IMG_4028   IMG_4021   IMG_4023

I hope you enjoyed this kind of post 🙂

Mini Milk xxx


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