When I moved to London I made a promise to myself that once settled I would join a gym and get fit! And that lasted for a total of two weeks of intense healthy eating before falling off the band wagon.. What’s that!?… that’s the disappointing shaking of your head I’m imagining!

I loved all of the build up to going to the gym, the being creative with making salads.. But now, I feel like a slug! I feel a hell of a lot worse now I’m back eating crap compared to my happier state of mind while exercising. And that was only two weeks! I keep telling myself ‘you can do this’… Then I say hmm maybe tomorrow. Hungry hippos and kinda buenos have a hold of me.. And they won’t let me go D:

For now hippo I’ll eat you…

But in the near future I definitely need to get motivated..HELP


Author: M I N I A T U R E ~ MILK

23 year old girl who wants to share little treasures. Midlands girl with a Mancunian soul. Sharing lifestyle, food recipes and fashion posts :) OH and I'm one half of 💜☮

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