Seventeen FALSIFeye HD Mascara…



Over the years I’ve used so many different types of mascaras because every time I run out I rarely stock up with the same one. I like the spider eyes look and hope that my mascara fulfils my wish. Most of the time it doesn’t. But there are a few I’ve gone back to which feature something different.

I’m not afraid to say I definitely get sucked in by the beautiful promo models (who’s clearly wearing false eyelashes) to promote big, bold, spider eyes. This time round I got sucked in by the seventeen HD falsies mascara AND it was buy one get one half price in Boots so yeah, you guessed it I bought two.. Oops!




Here’s my review after day one wear:

Appearance: 4/5
I think it gives real length and due to its sturdy wand it reduces that clumpy eyelash look. I haven’t given it a 5 because I’ve used better mascaras giving me even bigger voluminous lashes.


Lasting performance: 3/5
Although my lashes look although they have stayed similar to this morning, earlier today I had to bare the cold and wind…I came back inside and my mascara had ended up under my eyes giving me the dreaded panda look!

Removal: 2/5

It became apparent that this mascara was going to be a struggle to get off when I cleansed my face , afterwards I still looked like a pig rolled through mud! I don’t think you should be having to scrub your face off daily. Not good for your skin!

Price: 3/5
At £6.99 you can’t go wrong but when I compare it to a £2.99 mascara (NYC mascara yellow tube) which I love and feel I get a similar effect it’s not that cheap. Overall it’s reasonable Taking into account the nice packaging.


Here is where you can find it:




I hope you liked this review 🙂


Mini Milk xxx



Author: M I N I A T U R E ~ MILK

23 year old girl who wants to share little treasures. Midlands girl with a Mancunian soul. Sharing lifestyle, food recipes and fashion posts :) OH and I'm one half of buookie.com 💜☮

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