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MUA you beautiful brand! How can a high quality product be so cheap!? I love the MUA lipsticks especially because I think a few of them are very good dupes! The opaqueness of the matte MUA lipsticks give a creamy texture on your lips.

This one is the ‘Lilac belle’ colour. At £1 you can only compliment it’s lovely colour and creamy quality. I have a make up bag full of MUA lipsticks because I love the tones they have come out with lately. (Although this lilac one has been out for around a year I think?)

It adds a pop of colour to that LBD or smartens up that smashual look you’re going for on a cinema date 🙂


The bottom of all MUA lipsticks have a little screw top lid filled with extra lippy to get stuck in with a brush! (I accidentally discovered this about a month after purchasing my first MUA lipstick and was pleasantly surprised)

I would give this lipstick a 4/5 because the colour isn’t something I have seen around a lot and I love the creaminess of the texture. I haven’t given this a five because I think the creaminess can be a negative if you have dry lips (it makes dry parts quite visible which isn’t the best on a matte lipstick!)

Use a cotton bud to remove excess colour from your lips.


lilac belle

Thanks for reading 🙂
Mini Milk xxx


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