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I received my much loved boots points vouchers in the post recently which included a boots botanics points booster. Now, usually I would have been able to ignore the voucher and save the pennies but since I have heard such good things about these products I thought, why not ey?

1. Botanics Micellar 3 – in – 1 cleansing solution.

I put this on with cotton wool pads gently cleansing away all of my make-up. It gets rid of every last trace of make-up and leaves your face feeling fresh and smooth.

Where can I buy it?


2. Botanics gentle cleansing cream.

I smoothed this over my face and neck using a massage motion left for a few mins and then put a hot cloth under the tap, squeezed out and pressed it over my face for around 3-4 minutes. After the heat had reached my pores for long enough it made my face feel deeply cleansed and refreshed! Not only a gentle cleanser but also moisturises too!

Where can I buy it?

UK –

US –

3. Hydrating Night Cream – All Bright

Massaging this into my skin was glorious! It’s thick creamy texture is quite heavy, which for me is great because I often have dry patches on my skin. Although I would imagine if you have oily skin this cream may feel a little too heavy. When I woke up the morning after having pasted this on my skin felt silky smooth! I think this is my all time…(dare I say it, errr yes!) fav night cream!

UK –

US –

Why not add a link to one of my fav bloggers ey…even if the post is an oldie. I love searching product reviews online before testing makes your money well spent I say!

Here is a beauty crush review of a botanics product:

Overall I think you can tell how much I’m loving these botanics products so far! The price is delightfully affordable and my face has been left feeling plumped and moisturised. These products combined have proven a great skincare routine for me 🙂

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review!
Let me know what you think of the Botanics range!

Lots of Love,

Mini Milk xxxx


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