I’m feeling Lydia from TOWIE has had a major transition in her wardrobe of recent. Her style is sheek and flawless with a spot of quirky make up looks every now and then. She’s doing it well!

I love nothing more than a vampy look! And here Lydia wears smokey black eyes with a vampy plum lip.

Upon reading Lydia’s blog : She says this one was limecrime.


Lydia Rose Bright Towie

But I wanted to do one better, knowing how expensive makes like MAC and LIMECRIME are, not everyone can afford to flutter away 15pounds + on just a liner/lipstick so I’ve found a cheaper alternative!

The lipstick is colour RICH from seventeen.

It was around £4 from boots and the liner is from superdrug pricing at £2.99 in colour 11 – plum!


My eyes are just done with a standard wing with a collection eyeliner and mascara is the seventeen one I recently reviewed, you can check it out here if you haven’t already read it 🙂 >>> Spider Eyes

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