Second post today, but a very impromptu one. After talking to some of my amazing university friends today and with the recent news about Kesha and Dr Luke (he is her manager, he raped her, got away with it and still she’s contracted to him and Sony as has to make another SIX albums for them) , I really HAD to write this. I want to reinstate why feminism is soooo so SO important. I read an article just now about a dad bringing up his son to be a feminist. “Oh that’s great” you may be thinking, what’s so wrong about that?! But, think about it…as I’ve said in previous blog posts, feminism is, according to the Oxford Online Dictionary (and countless others), “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes” The key bit here being EQUALITY OF THE SEXES, so my question…

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Author: M I N I A T U R E ~ MILK

23 year old girl who wants to share little treasures. Midlands girl with a Mancunian soul. Sharing lifestyle, food recipes and fashion posts :) OH and I'm one half of buookie.com 💜☮

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