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Part Two of my February Favourites this month is the entertainment I’ve been loving in my life! Apart from blogging myself, all of my free time has been filled with YouTube (OBVS) and reading lovely blog posts so I thought I’d share my absolute favs this month, some newly discovered and some I’m a major fan girl of (23 year olds can still fan girl, right!?).

YouTubers 2016

Rosanna PierceWhere am I without Rosi’oke? Rosi is a YouTuber I have watched for years. She’s someone I love and would miss so much if she disappeared of the YouTube scene, she’s so genuine and unlike some of the women we’re forced to look up to in the media, I genuinely think her honesty and opinions are so inspiring for young girls to look up to. Did I mention she’s absolutely fabulous with make-up too? (I hope you said absolutely fabulous in a Jennifer Saunders -esque tone, please say you did ?)

feb favesyoutubersWhere do I start with this one? Mika from Wild Daze is one of many YouTubers who inspired me to become vegetarian (nope I haven’t attempted to become a vegan just yet…but I will!) Her vlogs and hair videos are my life, her fashion style is my life, I really look up to her as a sassy style icon…When someone is just themselves and super comfortable in their own skin (not to mention super hot) I think they’re always gonna be an easy contender to be a style icon. She’s a super quirky fun loving cool dude who is soo motivational – this parts the best bit…! She spreads so much positivity in her ‘how to’ vids ..You obvs know about this girly – but if you don’t go check her link below you’ll love her!


Ebony Day VlogsEbony is SOO watchable, her laugh is just so infectious…when I watch her vlogs I genuinely feel like her friend haha. I love the fact she got matching tattoos with her boyfriend and her she told her mum in a YouTube video, her mum acted so well I know my mum would probably cut my arm off ha! Total babe and absolutely hilarious.. Not only that, she has an incredible voice over on her music channel. You will defs of heard her voice, who hasn’t?

Fashion Bloggerfeb faves bloggerI’ve known about CJs blog for maybe a year or so? He’s super creative, if you didn’t know by his URL 😉 – Love everything about his blog, from his list posts to his photography posts he not only inspires me to write more varied posts but I learn so much from his blogging. Knowing him from Twitter – I know he’s super lovely as well! If you ever was to spark up a chat with him he would always make you feel welcome.



feb faves blog 2Rachel is someone I found through CJ. ( Thanks CJ 😀 ) Her blog is so heart felt and personable, she really makes you think while reading her posts too, which I love. Love her posts about feminism, beauty and general day to day life. Again Rachel is super lovely on Twitter… Really inspiring me to post more frequently and be apart of the blogging game.


feb faves bloggers2Corinne is just on another level of blogging – she’s SO knowledgable.Her blog isn’t just a pretty face. Every time I read her blog I leave having learnt about ten different things. Her food posts really make me want to get in the kitchen and become the next Jamie Oliver (that or eat my laptop).. Corinne is  definitely a blogger I have learnt the most from and I will always be a returning visiter! Go check her out!



Favourite Track this month – James Bay Let it go.

I love to find out which YouTubers and bloggers people are loving so if you would like to, comment below your favs to watch and read… If you’re a blogger then I tag you to do your own February Favourites : YouTubers and Bloggers edition 🙂

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Thanks for checking in 🙂  Leave your blog links below so I can check them out! XOX

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