Story time, sales assistant insulted me in Superdrug? Makeup Revolution review

Makeup revolution lime crime dupe

Funny story to this post (actually, maybe just awkward) I was after some colour popping lippys to make a bland outfit sassy. So I hit up Superdrug in search of a vibrant lipstick…


I came across the Amazing Lipstick Makeup Revolution range which is super affordable. Immediately I picked up the most colourful ones ‘crime’ (Fuchsia), ‘depraved’ (purple) and ‘vice’ (a gorgeous bright orange which typically, I couldn’t find while writing this post) from their range. No shopping basket in hand, I bundled all of my favs into my arms whilst the shop assistant was still stocking up the range. She turned to another staff member and said ‘Who would even buy this range?, look at this orange lipstick it’s way too bright for everyday wear!’ I glanced down at my products and laughed a little inside.


Firstly, I thought that it was pretty unprofessional of her to be saying that in front of customers (especially customers purchasing the products she’s slagging off ha) and secondly, Why shouldn’t they be for everyday wear? Adding a fun pop of colour to your lip can cheer you up, especially when you live in the rainy North, Manchester people you know the struggle!

Anyway besides the sales assistants disapproval, you guessed it I bought them all! 

So let’s all …

Makeup revolution lime crime dupe


While these dry, I make sure NOT to press my lips together, or blot them or anything of that sort. Basically I don’t move my lips at all while these dry because any contact with the lacquer during the 30 seconds right after application will mess it up.

Here’s a photo of me wearing the Depraved lipstick with a top coat of velvet depravity – salvation velvet lacquer. It’s super affordable at £3 and is a great lime crime dupe. Staying power is good lasted all day for me. These are extremely pigmented, and dry totally matte. I feel like the best way to wear these for me has been to use the tiniest bit possible otherwise it can feel too heavy and uncomfortable.

vib lip face2

In the comments section – Let me know what you think, would you wear these lip colours? If so, which one?

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  1. I would 100% wear Vice, I have a thing for orange lipsticks! I had the same thing in Primark before. I picked up a jacket that I thought was nice and the shop assistant said “Who would buy this, it looks a gone off mouldy colour” and I just awkwardly made my way to the changing rooms haha

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