Why are emojis misrepresenting women?


Correct me if I’m wrong, but we live in the 21st Century, right? Yay for women’s rights and all that! So why are we teaching our children and teens the idea that women can’t do the things men can through social media? I hear you saying, what are you talking about Imogen, women have the best rights we’ve had, EVER. And I agree, 50 years ago we were housewives and mothers, very rarely did our lives stretch from anything but those roles. Now, in many Countries a woman can be who she wants to be. A doctor, a lawyer, a photographer or full time blogger (thought I’d sneak that one in there).

Now stay with me on this one… Social media has become built into our daily lives, with 320 million monthly twitter users and 1.5 billion monthly Facebook users. We’re constantly updating others on how we’re feeling and it’s all most impossible not to use emojis.


Have you noticed how many emojis there are representing strong women? *I see you all going to check them now* You can probably count that number on one hand, because the majority of women are shown as princesses, brides, dancers or painting their nails. Why are all of the female emojis represented by this stereotype? Where are the female doctors, nurses and teachers?

Dancing emojisDancing EmojiPrincess emoji copy and pasteBride emojiPainting nails emoji copy and paste


Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 15.22.21Emoji always advertemoji cyclistswimmer emoji      Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 15.25.21

The brand Always have kick started a campaign #likeagirl. In the short film below you can see by the teenage girls reactions to the emojis, which are suppose to be representing women, aren’t. ‘I want to see a female wrestler’ says one of the teenage girls – Why in 2016 are we still fighting for this? Always want to make a change to this, which I think is fab!

Let’s support the movement #likeagirl – Share this blog post on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #likeagirl and let’s help this movement go global!

In the comments section – Which emoji would you like to see?

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  1. I love the female emojis but I definitely think that there is room for improvement, for example, why can’t a woman weightlift? 🏋 AislingsApparel.wordpress.com

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