My weekly round up in photos!


Imogen photoshop edit

The left image was a caricature I had done in London with my boyfriend at Camden market. I wanted something personable on my home page of miniature milk so I edited the image in Photoshop. Fun fact: my dad says I look like an old woman in it 😂

Marmite topped with melted cheese on crumpets, I DIED AND WENT TO FOOD HEAVEN! *I’m talking from above here this blog is in your head, oooo wooo spooky. Okay so you took that joke WAY too far moving on… I feel like I’ve been a cheese grazer this week! Ever since I became a veggie (it’s only been about two months, I’m still a newbie!) I’ve eaten so much cheese! I originally wanted to become vegan but I really don’t think I can handle living without it! Not mentioning the fact your not supposed to be eating bread?.. nope.

This was my throwback photo which popped up on Facebook – I think it was taken about 4 years ago AND I HAD A PIXIE CUT, whawwwt? Me and my cuz nawww.

Metallic tattoo just because…


I visited El Gato on King Street, Manchester on Saturday. They do amazing cocktails, Spanish food and have 3 floors! The top floors roof comes off in summer so I’ll definitely be back to see that! I had an Espresso Martini – YUM!

This sunset was just too beautiful not to add into this ‘week in photos’.

‘Hi my names Liam and I’m Imogen’s lovely boyfriend. Here, I look like drop dead Fred when he gets stuck in the fridge’

Plenty more photos on my IG ☺️ Follow me Here xxx

What’s your weekly round up in piccy’s? What have you been up to this week?

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      1. Too true!! Yeah i never eat bread anymore haha, but crumpets are the way forward!;) Its okay all us marmite lovers have to stick together! xx

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