Need some mid week motivation?

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So, a little bit of mid week motivation for you…Does Thursday still count for mid week?
I’ve just read the Stylist article by Sara Tasker “How I quit my day job and made my dream career come true with Instagram” – I came away truly inspired. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. That anything is possible. We all know becoming successful in something you truly love takes a lotta hard work and effort but if it came to you handed on a plate you wouldn’t appreciate it as much, would you? I for one certainly face a daily battle with my confidence and social anxiety and sometimes feel rubbish not wanting to carry on with certain things, but, if we don’t push ourselves we don’t get anywhere and we certainly don’t get our dreams come true. You know, like the fairy tale ones.

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I mean, would you rather live a mediocre life working to survive, in order to pay for things you actually could go without, eventually growing old looking back on your life thinking ‘I didn’t even try to get my dream’. Don’t settle for second best, and it’s never too late. At least if you work hard at something you’re passionate about you can look back and be proud for what you’ve achieved. So, what do you want to achieve? Write down the three thing you would love to achieve stick it on your wall so you can see it everyday. Let’s not get stuck in a rut living someone else’s dreams, let’s live our own!
In Sara Taskers article she explains she started Instagramming her daily life, sometimes pieces of cake, and what started off as documenting her daily life through photography landed her the dream career she’d always longed for. Now if that’s not inspiration I don’t know what is! I mean, I’m not saying go grab your dog, instagram him / her and whoopdy do your a full time blogger / writer – but if you’re doing something your passionate about – maybe drawing, photography,writing. Put it out there let the world see it, but just don’t give up! After all they do say practice makes perfect…


In the comments below – What’s your dream / ambition in life?


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