Tasty Curry Recipe – Full Of Fibre and Protein. Super Healthy And Tastes Delicious.

Super Food Vegetarian Curry



Superfood Curry Healthy Recipe

Since becoming a vegetarian, I’m becoming more creative with my cooking. I’m having to find more ways of packing fibre and protein into a meal than when I was a meat eater. This curry is packed with lots of different flavours and textures, super healthy and super tasty!  Let me know down below if you would try this recipe!


Meat Free Chicken pieces / Quorn (nutrition info) – Half a bag
 1 Tin of chick peas
1 Onion  
Tomato Puree
Red Pesto
2 Sweet Potatoes
3 Cloves of garlic
Sprinkle of Kale 
Vegetable stock 
Black Pepper
Chilli Flakes
Fresh Ginger


Chickpea Recipe
Firstly, you want to drain the chickpeas. Pop them into a sieve and run cold water over them. Chop the onion up into small chunks. Add them both to your pan, with a small amount of water. While the onions and chickpeas are heating up Peel and chop your sweet potatoes into chunks and add them to the pan. 

Superfood Curry Healthy Recipe

Add two teaspoons of Turmeric, chopped garlic and Paprika to the pan and stir. Add vegetable stock and keep on the heat until the potatoes and onions are tender. Add a spoonful of tomato puree and a spoonful of red pesto to the curry. Add a sprinkle of chilli flakes (or the amount depending on how spicy you like your curry). Grate half a ginger stick into the curry and mix well.
Superfood Curry Healthy Recipe
Pop your rice on the heat. Once the curry mixture feels tender, add in the quorn pieces (or meat free chicken). These usually take between 12-15 minutes. Once cooked add in the kale for a further two minutes.

Super Food Vegetarian Curry

Voila ! Tasty Superfood Veggie Curry packed with protein and fibre!
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Author: M I N I A T U R E ~ MILK

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  1. This looks really yummy. How long have you been vegetarian? Ive been one for years but lately been in a slump when it comes to what i cook lol i never would have thought to put kale in with a curry. I use spinich but def gonna try this recipe! Just discovered you and i like your posts ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Lisa! I’ve only been veggie for the last 2/2 and a half months! My mums a veggie so I’m still not sure why I didn’t start before now! My boyfriend still eats meat so I need to make exciting meals for him to eat vegetarian meals with me lol! I put kale in everything, probably too much but it’s sooo good for you. Thanks so much lovely I really appreciate it! Xx


      1. My husband and daughter both eat meat and given Im the one cooking they are eating veggie in the house but get stuck into meat when they go out lol. Daughter sways between saying she wants to be veggie and she doesnt, she doesnt like the idea of giving up gelatin but she does love eating veggie style because its healthier. I made cottage pie with chickpeas yesterday which was a new thing but it nice to have a bit of extra bite. I love kale too, smoothies are generally 70% kale. Edamame is delish too. Good for you for giving the veggie lifestyle a go, hope it works out for you x

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes I totally get that. Meat eaters who live with veggies often eat a lot of veggie meals I suppose. A lot healthier isn’t it! Ooo the cottage pie sounds delicious! I’ll have to give that a try! I love smoothies too great way to get lots of veggies in at once. Thanks so much 🙂 I hope so too! I would love to try and become vegan but I love cheese too much 😆🙃 xx

          Liked by 1 person

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