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Weight Loss Journey
So here we have it – I’m starting my very own online weight loss journey / diary! Nervous is an understatement. I feel like, as you’re reading this post I’m going to feel either totally vulnerable incase I mess up or super motivated, I’m hoping for the latter. But I’m putting it out there, my eating habits and my exercise regime will be written as part of Miniature Milks weight Loss Journey! Fingers crossed some of you are in the same boat as me and we can support each other to shift those extra pounds (or in my case stones, rocks and bricks lols)
Join me in baring my soul…

Weight Loss and Dieting diary


My weight has fluctuated throughout my teenage years and into my early twenties. I’ve been nearing 13+ stone  (82kg ) at my heaviest and 9.7 stone (61.5kg) at my lightest. Uni life is always a struggle, you eat shit and drink all the time, I had a job on top of my uni work so exercising and eating right was at the bottom of my priorities, I ended up putting on so much weight without even noticing and then BAM I looked like Drop Dead Fred when he got his head stuck in the fridge (photos below).
I mean, if I’m out at the weekend I end up consuming copious amounts of alcohol, and the next day is a right off because let’s face it a hangover isn’t the same without a dominos and staying in isn’t any better either – you watch a film, order a takeaway and have endless amounts of hungry hippos and wine gums to hand!? It’s time to change, I’m 23 years old and keeping fit aint gonna get any easier so it’s time to kick start maintaining a healthy weight!
Come join me through the good, the bad and the ugly…I’m bound to make mistakes along the way (that’s where you lot come in!) BUT I will get my summer body!


         Lighter Weight in Ibiza 2015 and heavier weight at Uni  in 2012

Weight Loss blog UK Journey


Weight Loss Journey UK Blog











Drop Dead Fred


My stats weight loss journey blog weight and height


I’m 5ft 3in tall (cough, short arse) and I weigh 12stone 2lbs which is about 77 kg. WOW, I can’t believe I’m putting this on the internet! Apparently, my healthy weight is between 7st 7lb and 10st 2lb (48kg – 64kg) but I’m going to aim to get down to 10stone as my body shape and bone structure is quite curvy so I’m pretty sure I would be disgustingly thin at 7st 7lbs!
Now all the juicy stuffs out the way, let’s get down to the nitty gritty! Today I had my first gym session (please bear in mind I haven’t been to the gym in around 2/3 months and haven’t ran in the last two weeks so I eased myself in gently!)


Gym Workout Weight Loss Journey UK Blog

First off I did some stretching.
Next I did a 15minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout on the running machine.
I started with 30seconds jog at a slow pace then 30seconds of sprinting and kept alternating between the two until around the 10 minute mark. Then I switched to 45 seconds sprint and 30seconds slower pace.
Next up I did 10 minutes on the revolving stairs – for me this is a killer! When I was much fitter I would do HIIT training on these too, I’m going to avoid this until I’m a little more healthy!
I did 20 minute floor exercises including ab workouts, plank, leg and bum exercises.
I finished my workout with another 10 minute HIIT workout on the running machine and some stretches!


So, there was day one! I think by blogging my weight loss journey I will be much more motivated to keep going and it might be interesting for you guys to see if I succeed or fail! I know todays workout wasn’t great but it was a start, I think I had gym fear so I needed to ease myself back in. But, I will be finding a weight lifting and cardio plan very soon which I will also post. Let me know in the comments whether you want me to post weekly updates on my weight loss, maybe I will post healthy recipes I have been loving too!?  I would love any suggestions you would like me to add to this series too 🙂 


Miniature milk sign off


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