Are men under pressure to look a certain way?

Men under pressure to look good The Huffington Post
Everyone is proud of their loved ones, so I thought I’d dedicate this post to my loving boyfriend. My boyfriend, Liam works for BBC RAW. If you haven’t heard of BBC RAW, it’s a scheme set in place for young film makers to showcase their work. He produced a short film for RAW exploring the pressures men face to look a certain way.
 As women, we face pressures on a daily basis. We’re constantly surrounded by beautifully toned women in magazines and on the television, adverts showing the next new diet fad. The celebrity culture lately has turned reality stars into faces of fitness campaigns and I don’t know about you, but I beat myself up for not being my ‘ideal’ weight. Going shopping for jeans is my biggest bug bear especially being one size in one shop and two sizes up in another. 
Now, it’s common knowledge women suffer pressures to become this perfect figure but what about men? Do men now face the same pressures that we do?
Reality shows only feature men who are tanned, toned and hairless, possibly portraying a ‘new’ modern man. With new bulking / slimming products being released all the time, often aimed at men too. 
Liam wanted to find out more on this, to see what lengths men go to in order to look good, expect stripping off, lots of pain and a few minutes of your life you’ll never get back. 
He recently wrote an article on this subject on The Huffington Post, if you fancy it you can give it a read here: 

Liam’s Article on The Huffington Post

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In the comments below – Do you think men are now facing similar pressures to us ladies?

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