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Weight Loss Journey How to Lose Weight Fast
So …we’re on Day 8 of my weight loss journey! For those of you who haven’t already read my Weight Loss journey Day 1 post, you can here !
I’m actually feeling pretty great, my days do feel a lot longer due to us getting up a little earlier but I feel like I’m enjoying getting back into the gym (minus the constant muscle ache HA)! Me and the boyf have managed the gym 3 times last week and 4 times this week. We’ve worked out a schedule which suits us:
Monday – GYM
Tuesday – GYM
Wednesday – GYM
Thursday – REST day / Cardio
Friday – GYM
Saturday – REST DAY 
Sunday – REST DAY
How I lost Weight in Two Weeks
Here’s a little doodle *cough* child’s drawing  of one of my workouts:

Gym workout Gym Routine weight loss

1.STRETCH – Most important part, since I don’t want to injure myself!
2. HIIT – 10 minute HIIT work out on the running machine. I’ve been doing 40 seconds light jogging, 1 minute Sprinting then back to 40second jogging and so on. Alternating the speed frequently shocks your body. You don’t want your body to find this easy!
3. WEIGHTS – 3 sets of shoulder press (can we just stop for a moment to checkout the drawing of this…Like, what are those arms all about? I used the shoulder press machine for this exercise although the drawing begs to differ.
4. WEIGHTS – Leg lifts with 6kg free weights. I lift my leg up while the other leg is stationary on top of the bench. Repeating on the same leg 10 times. Feel the burn with this one!
5. WEIGHTS – Tricep dips. 3 sets of 10 reps.
6. ABS – I usually spend a good 15 minutes working on my abs towards the end of my workout. I’m starting with 30 second planks (work my way back up to the one minute bad boy). I do 3 x 30 second planks but usually split this up in between other ab workouts – I hate planks thats why! I try and do a few sets of leg raises while laying on my back hands underneath my bum, slowly raise my legs up. On the way back down don’t put your feet on the floor, bring them back up repeat until 60 seconds is up.
7.HIIT – I usually end my workout with another 10 minute HIIT work out on the running machine.  
Weight Loss Journey Measurements
Measurements as of Day 8:
Left 26.5 inches // Right 26 inches
46 inches
42 inches
WAIST (Measured round belly button)
WAIST (Under bra)
32 inches
36 inches
Left 12 inches // 12.5 inches
I’ve decided not to weigh myself this time round, I don’t want to become obsessed with the idea of weighing myself all of the time. It’s not healthy. I will be weighing myself just before next weeks update so keep your eyes peeled for that!


Diet and Weight Loss
Let’s talk food! I absolutely love food and I’ve tried calorie counting before and it has worked to some extent. But in all honesty, I really can’t be bothered to punish myself when I’m working out as much as I am, it’s also probably not healthy to either. I am however having a balanced vegetarian diet – at the moment I’m still eating fish, I don’t eat eggs nor do I eat cows milk anymore though! A typical meal for me is: a piece of haddock / salmon or cod with lots of broccoli, cauliflower and sweet potatoes. I’ve started making my own vegan protein ice-cream for pud too (recipe coming tomorrow!)
If you’ve got any TIPS and TRICKS for my weight loss journey PLEASE SHARE! And if you think I’m doing anything wrong / anything I could add to my workout let me know in the comments too! 


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Author: M I N I A T U R E ~ MILK

23 year old girl who wants to share little treasures. Midlands girl with a Mancunian soul. Sharing lifestyle, food recipes and fashion posts :) OH and I'm one half of buookie.com 💜☮

15 thoughts on “WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY DAY 8”

  1. Good for you girl! I eat the same way. 🙂 Totally love vegetables! My favorite workouts are by Blogilates (it’s a YouTube series) She creates a new workout every week so that your muscles are always changing up their routine. The reason I like her workouts so much is because I’m not a fan of cardio or even actually lifting, but her workouts are TOUGH and they use your own body weight as the weights, so you never risk injuring yourself by going too high in weights! Plus the workouts are actually really fun. Best of luck with your fitness journey! How cool!


    1. Thanks so much lovely 🙂 ! Not heard of blogilates so I’ll definitely check her out ! That sounds amazing so you would be able to do her workouts from home? I love watching workouts on YouTube I’ve watched The Body Coach, have you heard of him? He does really good HIIT workouts! Keep your eyes peeled for updates next week 😀 xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No I haven’t heard of him. Thanks for the suggestion! It’s great to have a list of YouTube workouts handy! I always workout from home (I have a 5 month old) and it’s awesome! I thought you’d like blogilates because you like HIIT and she has this program called PIIT which is a pilates version of HIIT. Can’t wait for next week’s update!


  2. Your workout looks great! And vegan ice cream sounds amazing, I cant wait for the recipe 🙂
    The best tip I can think of is to drink as much water as possible, but I’m sure you already know that


  3. Awesome job! keep up the hard work! sometimes it is a struggle, as long as you stay focused and your partner supports you and pushes you to your limits, YOU will reach your goals!
    One thing I recommend doing, Make sure you shock your muscles…make sure to mix your workouts up so your muscles don’t get use to the same motions and it will allow you use different types of muscles 🙂 Making it more effect in burning calories, which helps lose weight!

    keep pushing and make your goals, reality!


    1. Thanks! Really means a lot! Both me and My boyfriend are doing it together, your right once you have the support there it makes such a difference doesn’t it!
      That’s super helpful! I know further along down the line it will probably be much easier to slip into being use to a certain workout but I’ll definitely take your advice one board 🙂 Thanks again lovely xx


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