Unboxing and Review – Blogger Beauty Box

Blogger Beauty Box Unboxing

Ok so this post is super late…partly because I wanted to try the products out to give a fair review and partly because I’ve been super busy! But fear not it’s here! (Just in time because my April box has arrived yayyy!)

What a pleasure the March Blogger Beauty Box was! It was crammed with goodies. At £10 you cannot go wrong with 7 amazing products 5 of them being full size! Lets get on with reviewing these beauties (here’s my awky video review too 😀 )…


MOA Aphrodite Facial Oil Review

(V) The MOA Aphrodite Facial Oil is AMAZING! I have apply it to my face post exfoliate and cleanse at night time, by morning my face feels so supple and soft. I love this product I’m already thinking of repurchasing once I have ran out! It claims to smooth fine lines and ward off premature ageing with it’s nourishing rose hip oil base, I’m 23 but may as well start the anti ageing process now, ey!

BEEBIO Anti Aging

The Beebio Anti Ageing face cream is super rich and nourishing. I’m not massively keen on the smell once I’ve applied this, that’s just me though, honey smells aren’t my cup of tea. I would by no means say the smell is unpleasant though. This really does make my skin feel plump and soft. I have been using this cream as a night cream as the consistency is quite heavy. I would definitely try other products in this range.


SASS Intimate Post shave balm review

SASS Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate 

I loved the idea of this product but unfortunately this irritated my skin. I’m not sure if it’s one of the ingredients or my sensitive skin but this wasn’t the best for me. 

Merumaya Mud Marvels Mask Review

Mud Marvels MASK 

This mask is incredible, I love the texture…It really felt like I was having a deep clean and boy did I need it!  My skin felt really cleansed and dirt free The website claims it ‘deeply cleanses, detoxifies skin, evens and brightens skin tone.’ Along with  ‘minimising pores, help control oily skin, spots and blemishes.’ I would say my skin felt brighter and detoxified. Overall I definitely think this is worth a pamper treat for you!

Fausts Potions

This is something I wasn’t expected in the box – in a good a way, £1 of each pack sold goes directly towards protecting the Asian Elephant and their habitat which is an awesome touch to this product! The orange awake potion tasted like Orange flavoured vitamin C only slightly thicker. The red berry one was my favourite out of the two definitely worth giving a go.

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Blogger Beauty Box Unboxing

This box is, for sure, worth a go! £10 for all of these products make sure you check it out >> Blogger Beauty Box

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