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So my crazy rainbow button bought you here I guess? Or your massively curious  and are thinking woahh what’s all this about, I want a piece of the action?

Ok so lately I’ve been investing more time and effort into my content and social media presence – I’ve loved taking part in some of the social media chats on Twitter especially #crazybloggers ! The first topic chat I took part in was based on ‘The blogging community’ and Question 1 was: There are around 152 million blogs (2 million daily blogs). Can we really talk about that many people as a “community”? 

My initial thoughts on this question were Hell yeah! We can talk about that many people being a community. I love thinking of the blogging community as one big family who support one another with tips and advice bar a few who just aren’t up for that sort of thing…


ANYWAY get to the point Imogen! I welcome you all to my little space, new or old faces I love ya, thanks for being here *mwah sloppy kiss* If you like any aspects of what I write about and fancy collaborate then hit me up or just comment ‘hey I wanna collab’ and we’ll f*** shit up! If you would like me to advertise your blog send me your 150×150 button HTML to (If you need help with this just let me know 🙂 )


All of you ‘non bloggers’ out there, I summon you too! Feeling extra creative and wanna collab on writing a guest post? Send a pigeon with your contact details on to my house, just kidding but I wish that was possible! Get in touch with me via email or Twitter or Facebook or Instagram enough options there Imogen?


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