Mental Health Awareness Week: My Story


Hey guys!

I just wanted to have a little catch up with you little lot! This week is Mental Health Awareness week (16-22nd May) so I thought I’d share something to raise some awareness and hopefully give you a little confidence boost along the way.

Recently I have been uploading to YouTube, I’m creating beauty and fashion videos at the moment but I have a few other ideas up my sleeve which will hopefully be super fun! This month I bought the Blogger Beauty Box for the second time and I was SO happy with some of the products I got. The box was packed with beauty goodies and even included a Makeup Geek blush pan! As I did last time I will try out all the products and review each of them in a few weeks so keep your beautiful eyes peeled for that. Anyway, I hear you thinking ‘where is this going?’, ‘And how is this going to boost my confidence?’ Well I hear ya..!

I started creating YouTube videos last month, at the tender age of 23. Now, for those of you who have met me will know I’m pretty shy so for me to do something like this may seem way out of character…But, I’ve wanted to create YouTube content for over 5 years now but I’ve NEVER had the confidence to. I’ve filmed and even part edited videos but never plucked up the courage to press that upload button. Being afraid of being judged in the real world stopped me from following through with what I was passionate about, I was always conscious of what other people might think of me, or what other people might say and that’s so sad…why should we live our lives a certain way because we’re worried about what others think? But I suppose that’s the anxiety speaking, the constant worry of what others have to say about us, the cloudy head, the feeling of wanting to shrivel up into a tiny ball, to run away from our thoughts. Nothing was stopping me from uploading videos to YouTube five years ago other than my mind! And we need to break the thinking cycle, train our minds to fight instead of flight…to help and support one another. 1 in 4 people will suffer from a mental health problem each year – 1 in 4!!! That’s a hell of a lot of people. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to speak out, the chances are someone you know will either be going through a similar thing or know someone going through a similar thing. The stigma surrounding mental health will shrink dramatically if we speak out and as my mum used to say ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’.

If you’ve missed opportunities because anxiety has had the better of you..Try to put yourself out there, one little step at a time. It’s so easy for me to sit here and tell you that but practise honestly does make perfect and the incredible sense of achievement after for pushing your boundaries will make the next time ten times easier. If you want any tips on how to be more mindful click here

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Creating this channel was a MASSIVE step for me, confidence wise…and the only thing I regret is not starting one sooner. I hope this little post has some what inspired you to go and push your boundaries and if any of you ever need to talk, my virtual door is always open…

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Things you shouldn’t say to someone suffering with depression


‘There are people much worse off than you’ – By saying this, you will probably make someone you love feel ten times more guilty and worthless for feeling low, try something like : I can see that your struggling, how can I help you?

‘Cheer up’ – Being told to just ‘cheer up’ can often make a person feel like their anxious and depressive thoughts shouldn’t be expressed, although you may not mean it to hurt it can quite undermining. Try saying : ‘I need a walking pal, will you come with me?’

‘Stop crying’ – If someone is expressing how they feel let them, it’s better out than in and sometimes a good cry can make you feel ten times better. Nobody needs to feel the pressure to stop expressing their emotions.

‘You’ll just have to deal with it’ – People who suffer from depression deal with it, every day, saying something like this undermines them and might them feel worthless. Instead you can tell them their not alone, and that you’re here to help.

‘You’re just being selfish’ – People who suffer from depression or an anxiety disorder are already extremely hard on themselves there’s no need to isolate someone further. Depression isn’t a choice.

‘What do you even have to be depressed about?’ Depression isn’t always caused by a sad or traumatic event sometimes it just happens, this doesn’t give the right to pass judgement you may not know what’s going through someones mind.

‘You just need to get out of the house!’ – When someone feels low they often don’t want to move anywhere let alone get out the house and potentially bump into people they know. Offering support by asking them if they need company is a better way of showing you care.

It’s difficult dealing with depression but I promise it does get better, take each day as it comes and practising mindfulness and meditation can help cope with these thoughts but if you would like further info or help these websites may be of use : 

(And if not I’m always here to lend an ear 🙂 )




Just remember, behind every face something may be going on, let’s make someones day by giving them a smile and spreading positivity… #justsmile

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International Women's day!

Today marks International Women’s day.
Let’s celebrate women, let’s not body shame them.
Let’s celebrate women, let’s not oppress them.
Let’s celebrate women, let’s empower them….
Let’s celebrate pledging to close the gender gap in every workplace.


Remember what ambitions you set yourself in life,
work hard, work even harder and you will do it.
Let’s not just celebrate each other today, let’s celebrate each other forever.




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Why are emojis misrepresenting women?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but we live in the 21st Century, right? Yay for women’s rights and all that! So why are we teaching our children and teens the idea that women can’t do the things men can through social media? I hear you saying, what are you talking about Imogen, women have the best rights we’ve had, EVER. And I agree, 50 years ago we were housewives and mothers, very rarely did our lives stretch from anything but those roles. Now, in many Countries a woman can be who she wants to be. A doctor, a lawyer, a photographer or full time blogger (thought I’d sneak that one in there).

Now stay with me on this one… Social media has become built into our daily lives, with 320 million monthly twitter users and 1.5 billion monthly Facebook users. We’re constantly updating others on how we’re feeling and it’s all most impossible not to use emojis.


Have you noticed how many emojis there are representing strong women? *I see you all going to check them now* You can probably count that number on one hand, because the majority of women are shown as princesses, brides, dancers or painting their nails. Why are all of the female emojis represented by this stereotype? Where are the female doctors, nurses and teachers?

Dancing emojisDancing EmojiPrincess emoji copy and pasteBride emojiPainting nails emoji copy and paste


Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 15.22.21Emoji always advertemoji cyclistswimmer emoji      Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 15.25.21

The brand Always have kick started a campaign #likeagirl. In the short film below you can see by the teenage girls reactions to the emojis, which are suppose to be representing women, aren’t. ‘I want to see a female wrestler’ says one of the teenage girls – Why in 2016 are we still fighting for this? Always want to make a change to this, which I think is fab!

Let’s support the movement #likeagirl – Share this blog post on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #likeagirl and let’s help this movement go global!

In the comments section – Which emoji would you like to see?

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This is music video is heartbreaking to watch…And the content is only too true not just in America but in the UK and in fact the rest of the world, the figures are frightening.
It happens to between 65,000 – 95,000 people a year in the UK and only 2910 people face court proceedings.
With 1,070 people being convicted. In 2015 alone figures are up by 37%, it’s highest since being at the highest level since the introduction of the National Crime Recording Standard in 2002/03.

No matter what someone looks like, acts like, dresses like, how drunk they may be, what their profession may entail….This is not ok. The perpetrator is in the wrong and in noway did the victim ‘ask’ for it. It upsets me when people misuse the word rape and throw it around in jest when this is only contributing to making it acceptable to carry out this horrendous act.

Help bring awareness to these horrific figures. This is NOT ok.
Please sign this petition to review sentencing laws: