I think I’m addicted to PokemonGo


Now if you’re here because you want to know what the owner of Miniature Milk gets up to in her spare time – you’ve come to the right place! BUT BOY IT AINT GONNA BE PRETTY. If you’re here for a good giggle, I aim to please and if you’re here because you want to laugh at me for being a sad little creature then I salute you! 

Let’s face it PokemonGo is taking over, I’ve spent more hours on PokemonGo this week than I’d like to admit but let’s get down to the nitty gritty and talk about Pokemon Problems.

Let’s talk Pokemon problems…

1. Number one is going to touch on a very important issue when pokehunting – you ALWAYS need GPS (yeah we know that Imogen) Let me just explain. Because this week I got VERY excited playing Pokemon Go on the tram (we will get to that stupid part later) – My Pokey girl walked past a gym with a substantial amount of pokemons with low CP (if you don’t know what CP is, it’s basically their health and power or some shit). So,  I thought ‘you know what, I’m gonna give this a go!’ There I was with my raticate ready for a fight, I win 2 rounds and the 3rd round begins… THEN THE TRAM PULLS OFF, EVERYTHING GOES BLACK AND BEFORE YOU KNOW IT I’M IN A TUNNEL WITH NO GPS! You can see where I’m going with this one can’t you… Don’t think you can have a quick sesh in the gym while you’re on a tram, or any moving vehicle for that matter! You’ll thank me later…

2. We all love a good Poke stop being turned into a pretty pink fluttery stop because you get never ending pokemons to catch but come on Pokemon, give us more than just a Drowzee!! This happened the other day to me, I must have caught 12 Drowzees in one go!! 

3. If you haven’t already downloaded Pokemon, I would suggest you don’t, number 1 it consumes your life (and the secret real reason is so it stops it crashing hehe!) 

4. That pesky Jynx- oh why are you so hard to keep in that god damn ball!? Am I not spinning hard enough? Do you not think I will train you well enough? Please give me a reason, I need a little closure.

5. Once you’re past level 5 you start to make excuses to family and friends, justifying that the app is not just a game, you get more exercise (especially when you want to hatch your eggs muwhaha!) 

6. Don’t you ever let anyone tell you that you’re wasting your time! You catch those rare pokemons, fight those battles and walk your little arse off (you never know, you might also get that summer bod before the end of summer and to those of you who already have it well done you, you get a shiny gold star).

7. Relationships now have extra people in them. Those pokemons won’t catch themselves – go ask your boyfriend / girlfriend if they want to go for a pokehunt walk see what they say #datenight

8. Pokemon has been so popular since it came over to the UK, it’s had its fair share of issues. How many times do I have to catch a Pokemon and right after the second ‘gotcha’ appears on the screen my phone crashes. Great! I think POKEMONGO owes us all at least 20 rare pokemons each for the ones we did catch, before a frozen screen appears! 

9. Pokemon Go is so sociable! I’ve spoken to so many people while I’ve been Pokeyhunting, people I would have never, ever had the pleasure of meeting…

10. Although I’ve said it’s sociable,  it did cause a little bit of uproar in my family.. My brother defriended my dad on Facebook (so 2016) due to a misinterpretation of a status he put up about Pokemon hunting.  Say no more, maybe discuss your Pokemon hunting with the under 40s because some people will never be happy you’ve caught 223 pokemons while walking around a children’s play park at the age of 29!

11. When you find a GREAT Pokemon to catch but then you run out of Pokey Balls – #lifeover

So go grab your pokeball and get hunting guys. If you agree with half of these give this post a little share and spread the Pokey love…

Thanks for reading xxx 

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Things you shouldn’t say to someone suffering with depression


‘There are people much worse off than you’ – By saying this, you will probably make someone you love feel ten times more guilty and worthless for feeling low, try something like : I can see that your struggling, how can I help you?

‘Cheer up’ – Being told to just ‘cheer up’ can often make a person feel like their anxious and depressive thoughts shouldn’t be expressed, although you may not mean it to hurt it can quite undermining. Try saying : ‘I need a walking pal, will you come with me?’

‘Stop crying’ – If someone is expressing how they feel let them, it’s better out than in and sometimes a good cry can make you feel ten times better. Nobody needs to feel the pressure to stop expressing their emotions.

‘You’ll just have to deal with it’ – People who suffer from depression deal with it, every day, saying something like this undermines them and might them feel worthless. Instead you can tell them their not alone, and that you’re here to help.

‘You’re just being selfish’ – People who suffer from depression or an anxiety disorder are already extremely hard on themselves there’s no need to isolate someone further. Depression isn’t a choice.

‘What do you even have to be depressed about?’ Depression isn’t always caused by a sad or traumatic event sometimes it just happens, this doesn’t give the right to pass judgement you may not know what’s going through someones mind.

‘You just need to get out of the house!’ – When someone feels low they often don’t want to move anywhere let alone get out the house and potentially bump into people they know. Offering support by asking them if they need company is a better way of showing you care.

It’s difficult dealing with depression but I promise it does get better, take each day as it comes and practising mindfulness and meditation can help cope with these thoughts but if you would like further info or help these websites may be of use : 

(And if not I’m always here to lend an ear 🙂 )




Just remember, behind every face something may be going on, let’s make someones day by giving them a smile and spreading positivity… #justsmile

You will find silky soft black head free skin underneath! Give it a go now!

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DIY Blackhead Peel Face Mask – Easy Recipe

DIY Black head removal peel off face mask and demo.

The latest makeup trends of 2016 include baking, strobing and highlighting your face to look like you have beautiful glowing skin. But where does these trends start beauties? SKINCARE! Piling on concealer, foundation, primer, contour creams and highlighters can clog up those pores leaving your skin your worst enemy! So every once a week we should really pamper our faces, renew our dead skin cells and get rid of unnecessary clogged up pores. I have seen peel off face masks everywhere claiming to remove black heads at a hefty price. Now if the product does what it says on the tin then it’s worth paying for, but what if I told you you could get the same affect for under £5 !?

Want super soft blackhead free skin? Try this affordable DIY face mask.

Please everyone don’t forget to use non toxic children’s school glue, also remember everyones skin type is different so please do a small patch test before putting anything onto your body. 

It would be amazing if you could share the love and subscribe lovelies 😀



  • Children’s Non-toxic glue
  • Activated charcoal
  • Mixing bowl and mixing brush



Pop a table spoon of glue into a bowl. Add around 2 table spoons of charcoal and mix into a smooth consistency. Pop it onto your face for around 30 mins (you can use a hair dryer to speed up the process). Peel off from the bottom upwards and avoid right under the eyes as this area of skin is a lot thinner than the rest of your face.


You will find silky soft black head free skin underneath! Give it a go now!

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Photography in a week


Just a couple of photos I wanted to share from my Instagram!

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Story time, sales assistant insulted me in Superdrug? Makeup Revolution review

Funny story to this post (actually, maybe just awkward) I was after some colour popping lippys to make a bland outfit sassy. So I hit up Superdrug in search of a vibrant lipstick…


I came across the Amazing Lipstick Makeup Revolution range which is super affordable. Immediately I picked up the most colourful ones ‘crime’ (Fuchsia), ‘depraved’ (purple) and ‘vice’ (a gorgeous bright orange which typically, I couldn’t find while writing this post) from their range. No shopping basket in hand, I bundled all of my favs into my arms whilst the shop assistant was still stocking up the range. She turned to another staff member and said ‘Who would even buy this range?, look at this orange lipstick it’s way too bright for everyday wear!’ I glanced down at my products and laughed a little inside.


Firstly, I thought that it was pretty unprofessional of her to be saying that in front of customers (especially customers purchasing the products she’s slagging off ha) and secondly, Why shouldn’t they be for everyday wear? Adding a fun pop of colour to your lip can cheer you up, especially when you live in the rainy North, Manchester people you know the struggle!

Anyway besides the sales assistants disapproval, you guessed it I bought them all! 

So let’s all …

Makeup revolution lime crime dupe


While these dry, I make sure NOT to press my lips together, or blot them or anything of that sort. Basically I don’t move my lips at all while these dry because any contact with the lacquer during the 30 seconds right after application will mess it up.

Here’s a photo of me wearing the Depraved lipstick with a top coat of velvet depravity – salvation velvet lacquer. It’s super affordable at £3 and is a great lime crime dupe. Staying power is good lasted all day for me. These are extremely pigmented, and dry totally matte. I feel like the best way to wear these for me has been to use the tiniest bit possible otherwise it can feel too heavy and uncomfortable.

vib lip face2

In the comments section – Let me know what you think, would you wear these lip colours? If so, which one?

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Canon camera Iphone 6s Laptopentertainment

Part Two of my February Favourites this month is the entertainment I’ve been loving in my life! Apart from blogging myself, all of my free time has been filled with YouTube (OBVS) and reading lovely blog posts so I thought I’d share my absolute favs this month, some newly discovered and some I’m a major fan girl of (23 year olds can still fan girl, right!?).

YouTubers 2016

Rosanna PierceWhere am I without Rosi’oke? Rosi is a YouTuber I have watched for years. She’s someone I love and would miss so much if she disappeared of the YouTube scene, she’s so genuine and unlike some of the women we’re forced to look up to in the media, I genuinely think her honesty and opinions are so inspiring for young girls to look up to. Did I mention she’s absolutely fabulous with make-up too? (I hope you said absolutely fabulous in a Jennifer Saunders -esque tone, please say you did ?)

feb favesyoutubersWhere do I start with this one? Mika from Wild Daze is one of many YouTubers who inspired me to become vegetarian (nope I haven’t attempted to become a vegan just yet…but I will!) Her vlogs and hair videos are my life, her fashion style is my life, I really look up to her as a sassy style icon…When someone is just themselves and super comfortable in their own skin (not to mention super hot) I think they’re always gonna be an easy contender to be a style icon. She’s a super quirky fun loving cool dude who is soo motivational – this parts the best bit…! She spreads so much positivity in her ‘how to’ vids ..You obvs know about this girly – but if you don’t go check her link below you’ll love her!


Ebony Day VlogsEbony is SOO watchable, her laugh is just so infectious…when I watch her vlogs I genuinely feel like her friend haha. I love the fact she got matching tattoos with her boyfriend and her she told her mum in a YouTube video, her mum acted so well I know my mum would probably cut my arm off ha! Total babe and absolutely hilarious.. Not only that, she has an incredible voice over on her music channel. You will defs of heard her voice, who hasn’t?

Fashion Bloggerfeb faves bloggerI’ve known about CJs blog for maybe a year or so? He’s super creative, if you didn’t know by his URL 😉 – Love everything about his blog, from his list posts to his photography posts he not only inspires me to write more varied posts but I learn so much from his blogging. Knowing him from Twitter – I know he’s super lovely as well! If you ever was to spark up a chat with him he would always make you feel welcome.



feb faves blog 2Rachel is someone I found through CJ. ( Thanks CJ 😀 ) Her blog is so heart felt and personable, she really makes you think while reading her posts too, which I love. Love her posts about feminism, beauty and general day to day life. Again Rachel is super lovely on Twitter… Really inspiring me to post more frequently and be apart of the blogging game.


feb faves bloggers2Corinne is just on another level of blogging – she’s SO knowledgable.Her blog isn’t just a pretty face. Every time I read her blog I leave having learnt about ten different things. Her food posts really make me want to get in the kitchen and become the next Jamie Oliver (that or eat my laptop).. Corinne is  definitely a blogger I have learnt the most from and I will always be a returning visiter! Go check her out!



Favourite Track this month – James Bay Let it go.

I love to find out which YouTubers and bloggers people are loving so if you would like to, comment below your favs to watch and read… If you’re a blogger then I tag you to do your own February Favourites : YouTubers and Bloggers edition 🙂

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150g Mushrooms – 59p Aldi

 500g Gnocchi – 65p Aldi

 1 Onion – 69p Aldi

 3 Cloves of garlic – 89p Aldi

 1 Tin of chick peas – 32p Aldi

 1 Tin of butter beans – 32p Aldi

 Sprinkle of Kale – 85p Aldi

 Half a tree of Broccoli – 37p Aldi

 Vegetable stock – £1 Tesco

 Sprinkle of cheese for topping (Vegan option without)

 Black Pepper

 Chilli Flakes

1. Fry off onions, garlic and mushrooms. 

2. Boil the kettle, in a deep pan stir in the vegetable stock,
add black pepper, chilli flakes and ground white pepper.

3. Boil butter beans and chick peas in stock for 10-12 mins.

4. Part boil broccoli with chick peas and butter beans for 
4-5 mins.

5. Add the onions, mushrooms and garlic to the chick peas,
broccoli and vegstock pan, chuck in 500g of gnocchi and let 
simmer for a few mins making   sure the mixture is mixed well.

6. Put the mixture in an oven proof glass dish.
7. Sprinkle kale on top and cheese (vegan option without).
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