DIY Blackhead Peel Face Mask – Easy Recipe


DIY Black head removal peel off face mask and demo.

The latest makeup trends of 2016 include baking, strobing and highlighting your face to look like you have beautiful glowing skin. But where does these trends start beauties? SKINCARE! Piling on concealer, foundation, primer, contour creams and highlighters can clog up those pores leaving your skin your worst enemy! So every once a week we should really pamper our faces, renew our dead skin cells and get rid of unnecessary clogged up pores. I have seen peel off face masks everywhere claiming to remove black heads at a hefty price. Now if the product does what it says on the tin then it’s worth paying for, but what if I told you you could get the same affect for under £5 !?

Want super soft blackhead free skin? Try this affordable DIY face mask.

Please everyone don’t forget to use non toxic children’s school glue, also remember everyones skin type is different so please do a small patch test before putting anything onto your body. 

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  • Children’s Non-toxic glue
  • Activated charcoal
  • Mixing bowl and mixing brush



Pop a table spoon of glue into a bowl. Add around 2 table spoons of charcoal and mix into a smooth consistency. Pop it onto your face for around 30 mins (you can use a hair dryer to speed up the process). Peel off from the bottom upwards and avoid right under the eyes as this area of skin is a lot thinner than the rest of your face.


You will find silky soft black head free skin underneath! Give it a go now!

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Follow my Weight Loss Journey ~ Workouts, Weight Loss and Recipes.

So here we have it – I’m starting my very own online weight loss journey / diary! Nervous is an understatement. I feel like, as you’re reading this post I’m going to feel either totally vulnerable incase I mess up or super motivated, I’m hoping for the latter. But I’m putting it out there, my eating habits and my exercise regime will be written as part of Miniature Milks weight Loss Journey! Fingers crossed some of you are in the same boat as me and we can support each other to shift those extra pounds (or in my case stones, rocks and bricks lols)
Join me in baring my soul…

Weight Loss and Dieting diary


My weight has fluctuated throughout my teenage years and into my early twenties. I’ve been nearing 13+ stone  (82kg ) at my heaviest and 9.7 stone (61.5kg) at my lightest. Uni life is always a struggle, you eat shit and drink all the time, I had a job on top of my uni work so exercising and eating right was at the bottom of my priorities, I ended up putting on so much weight without even noticing and then BAM I looked like Drop Dead Fred when he got his head stuck in the fridge (photos below).
I mean, if I’m out at the weekend I end up consuming copious amounts of alcohol, and the next day is a right off because let’s face it a hangover isn’t the same without a dominos and staying in isn’t any better either – you watch a film, order a takeaway and have endless amounts of hungry hippos and wine gums to hand!? It’s time to change, I’m 23 years old and keeping fit aint gonna get any easier so it’s time to kick start maintaining a healthy weight!
Come join me through the good, the bad and the ugly…I’m bound to make mistakes along the way (that’s where you lot come in!) BUT I will get my summer body!


         Lighter Weight in Ibiza 2015 and heavier weight at Uni  in 2012

Weight Loss blog UK Journey


Weight Loss Journey UK Blog











Drop Dead Fred


My stats weight loss journey blog weight and height


I’m 5ft 3in tall (cough, short arse) and I weigh 12stone 2lbs which is about 77 kg. WOW, I can’t believe I’m putting this on the internet! Apparently, my healthy weight is between 7st 7lb and 10st 2lb (48kg – 64kg) but I’m going to aim to get down to 10stone as my body shape and bone structure is quite curvy so I’m pretty sure I would be disgustingly thin at 7st 7lbs!
Now all the juicy stuffs out the way, let’s get down to the nitty gritty! Today I had my first gym session (please bear in mind I haven’t been to the gym in around 2/3 months and haven’t ran in the last two weeks so I eased myself in gently!)


Gym Workout Weight Loss Journey UK Blog

First off I did some stretching.
Next I did a 15minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout on the running machine.
I started with 30seconds jog at a slow pace then 30seconds of sprinting and kept alternating between the two until around the 10 minute mark. Then I switched to 45 seconds sprint and 30seconds slower pace.
Next up I did 10 minutes on the revolving stairs – for me this is a killer! When I was much fitter I would do HIIT training on these too, I’m going to avoid this until I’m a little more healthy!
I did 20 minute floor exercises including ab workouts, plank, leg and bum exercises.
I finished my workout with another 10 minute HIIT workout on the running machine and some stretches!


So, there was day one! I think by blogging my weight loss journey I will be much more motivated to keep going and it might be interesting for you guys to see if I succeed or fail! I know todays workout wasn’t great but it was a start, I think I had gym fear so I needed to ease myself back in. But, I will be finding a weight lifting and cardio plan very soon which I will also post. Let me know in the comments whether you want me to post weekly updates on my weight loss, maybe I will post healthy recipes I have been loving too!?  I would love any suggestions you would like me to add to this series too 🙂 


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Dramatic Smokey Eyes: Bronze & Brown

Dramatic Smokey Eye Makeup Look with two lip colour options (because I’m WAY too indecisive)

Smokey Eye Nude Lip

Dramatic Makeup Look

Dramatic smokey eye look

Dramatic Makeup look


Dramatic Smokey Eye

Smokey Eye Makeup look
EYES: MAC Amber Lights  


Dramatic Smokey Eye Makeup Look

I love this dramatic smokey eye look. It’s neutral and bronze tones look subtle but for me, the Purple Urban Decay colour on the water line makes this look extra sassy. I LOVE the Makeup Revolution palette which I used, super pigmented, and at £4 you cannot go wrong! I finished the makeup look with 2 options of lip colour, a berry toned colour which was by Seventeen in the colour ‘Rich’ and a nude colour which was also by Seventeen in the colour ‘Just A Fling’.


In the comments below:
Which lipstick do you prefer? The nude or the berry?

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Story time, sales assistant insulted me in Superdrug? Makeup Revolution review

Funny story to this post (actually, maybe just awkward) I was after some colour popping lippys to make a bland outfit sassy. So I hit up Superdrug in search of a vibrant lipstick…


I came across the Amazing Lipstick Makeup Revolution range which is super affordable. Immediately I picked up the most colourful ones ‘crime’ (Fuchsia), ‘depraved’ (purple) and ‘vice’ (a gorgeous bright orange which typically, I couldn’t find while writing this post) from their range. No shopping basket in hand, I bundled all of my favs into my arms whilst the shop assistant was still stocking up the range. She turned to another staff member and said ‘Who would even buy this range?, look at this orange lipstick it’s way too bright for everyday wear!’ I glanced down at my products and laughed a little inside.


Firstly, I thought that it was pretty unprofessional of her to be saying that in front of customers (especially customers purchasing the products she’s slagging off ha) and secondly, Why shouldn’t they be for everyday wear? Adding a fun pop of colour to your lip can cheer you up, especially when you live in the rainy North, Manchester people you know the struggle!

Anyway besides the sales assistants disapproval, you guessed it I bought them all! 

So let’s all …

Makeup revolution lime crime dupe


While these dry, I make sure NOT to press my lips together, or blot them or anything of that sort. Basically I don’t move my lips at all while these dry because any contact with the lacquer during the 30 seconds right after application will mess it up.

Here’s a photo of me wearing the Depraved lipstick with a top coat of velvet depravity – salvation velvet lacquer. It’s super affordable at £3 and is a great lime crime dupe. Staying power is good lasted all day for me. These are extremely pigmented, and dry totally matte. I feel like the best way to wear these for me has been to use the tiniest bit possible otherwise it can feel too heavy and uncomfortable.

vib lip face2

In the comments section – Let me know what you think, would you wear these lip colours? If so, which one?

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Canon camera Iphone 6s Laptopentertainment

Part Two of my February Favourites this month is the entertainment I’ve been loving in my life! Apart from blogging myself, all of my free time has been filled with YouTube (OBVS) and reading lovely blog posts so I thought I’d share my absolute favs this month, some newly discovered and some I’m a major fan girl of (23 year olds can still fan girl, right!?).

YouTubers 2016

Rosanna PierceWhere am I without Rosi’oke? Rosi is a YouTuber I have watched for years. She’s someone I love and would miss so much if she disappeared of the YouTube scene, she’s so genuine and unlike some of the women we’re forced to look up to in the media, I genuinely think her honesty and opinions are so inspiring for young girls to look up to. Did I mention she’s absolutely fabulous with make-up too? (I hope you said absolutely fabulous in a Jennifer Saunders -esque tone, please say you did ?)

feb favesyoutubersWhere do I start with this one? Mika from Wild Daze is one of many YouTubers who inspired me to become vegetarian (nope I haven’t attempted to become a vegan just yet…but I will!) Her vlogs and hair videos are my life, her fashion style is my life, I really look up to her as a sassy style icon…When someone is just themselves and super comfortable in their own skin (not to mention super hot) I think they’re always gonna be an easy contender to be a style icon. She’s a super quirky fun loving cool dude who is soo motivational – this parts the best bit…! She spreads so much positivity in her ‘how to’ vids ..You obvs know about this girly – but if you don’t go check her link below you’ll love her!


Ebony Day VlogsEbony is SOO watchable, her laugh is just so infectious…when I watch her vlogs I genuinely feel like her friend haha. I love the fact she got matching tattoos with her boyfriend and her she told her mum in a YouTube video, her mum acted so well I know my mum would probably cut my arm off ha! Total babe and absolutely hilarious.. Not only that, she has an incredible voice over on her music channel. You will defs of heard her voice, who hasn’t?

Fashion Bloggerfeb faves bloggerI’ve known about CJs blog for maybe a year or so? He’s super creative, if you didn’t know by his URL 😉 – Love everything about his blog, from his list posts to his photography posts he not only inspires me to write more varied posts but I learn so much from his blogging. Knowing him from Twitter – I know he’s super lovely as well! If you ever was to spark up a chat with him he would always make you feel welcome.


feb faves blog 2Rachel is someone I found through CJ. ( Thanks CJ 😀 ) Her blog is so heart felt and personable, she really makes you think while reading her posts too, which I love. Love her posts about feminism, beauty and general day to day life. Again Rachel is super lovely on Twitter… Really inspiring me to post more frequently and be apart of the blogging game.

feb faves bloggers2Corinne is just on another level of blogging – she’s SO knowledgable.Her blog isn’t just a pretty face. Every time I read her blog I leave having learnt about ten different things. Her food posts really make me want to get in the kitchen and become the next Jamie Oliver (that or eat my laptop).. Corinne is  definitely a blogger I have learnt the most from and I will always be a returning visiter! Go check her out!


Favourite Track this month – James Bay Let it go.

I love to find out which YouTubers and bloggers people are loving so if you would like to, comment below your favs to watch and read… If you’re a blogger then I tag you to do your own February Favourites : YouTubers and Bloggers edition 🙂

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Smart Casual OOTD


BOOTS £29.99-  ZARA 
DRESS £16.38 – ROMWE

Free Shipping on orders of $50+ at


Imogen full length bag smileImogen full length


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1.Write your ideas down.

2016 is for new adventures, new challenges and new ideas – All of those ideas you’ve thought of? …Yeah those! You’ve been putting off doing anything with them because for whatever reason something always gets in the way, right? 

1pm tues

It’s like saving money…something always crops up, whether that’s a social gathering, birthday or even a date. When trying to save money always leave yourself breathing room otherwise your setting yourself for a fail. Giving yourself room in your budget makes it ten times easier! This applies to progressing ideas – give yourself breathing room, set yourself realistic goals to make your dreams become reality.

Go grab a notebook and jot your ideas down, whenever you think of something note it down and once you have a bit of spare time do some research in how you can make your idea into reality. If you come to a grinding holt with writers block have a chat with someone about your idea – after all two heads are better than one!


2.Write your goals down.

I don’t mean unachievable goals either! Ones which are attainable – being happier in yourself, the holiday you’re saving for, even as small as going a week without alcohol or chocolate. Write down exactly what you want to achieve and why, stick it up on your wall so you can read it everyday. You need a reason why you would like to achieve this goal, there’s no point setting yourself a goal which won’t make you happier, I’m talking about real goals to have a positive influence on your life, not egotistical goals about being rich. These egotistical goals will in the short and long term make you unhappy. If you focus on these kinds of goals you work yourself to death being unhappy and your main focus is money. We’re here for a good time not a long time.

Whenever I feel demotivated I listen to Alan Watts this one gets me every time!


By setting yourself smaller more achievable goals you’re motivating yourself to keep going. You will feel so much more satisfied with yourself.

mindful3.Be mindful.

Being mindful really makes a difference to your mental state of mind.

Sometimes I feel myself getting stuck in an anxious state of mind, not being able to complete a task which may seem easy to most – this is the worst way to think when you’re feeling anxious (although it’s easier said than done). When you’re feeling anxious it’s bad enough feeling low and worthless without comparing yourself to others. Certain exercises may help you – although I’m no expert – I’ve listed a few below which have helped me in the past.

  1. Colouring books – My dad laughs when I’ve mentioned adult colouring books before but art therapy is a proven way of expressing yourself and focusing. It’s extremely therapeutic and can improve lives by helping people improve their mental, emotional, and even physical states. It can raise the quality of life for many people, and it’s worth considering if it can aid you in some way or another.
  2. Breathing exercises – Sitting down for 10-15 minutes and breathing can help you be more mindful. Start by breathing in and out slowly. One cycle should last for approximately 6 seconds. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, letting your breath flow effortlessly in and out of your body.Let go of your thoughts for a minute. Let go of things you have to do later today or pending projects that need your attention. Simply let yourself be still for one minute.
  3. Relaxation hynotherapy – I often listen to audio tracks which are there to relax your mind and body. This one I find particularly good and I usually listen to this before bed:

4. Meditation – This can help you be more aware of your thoughts. There are plenty of mediation courses around but if you can’t get out to one you can download an app on your phone to guide you through meditation. I have tried ‘headspace’ and ‘calm’.

New challenges, ideas and goals will make you grow as person, new years resolutions are often forgotten about by this time of year so let’s get back on track. 2016 is for you and when is a better time to start your journey other than now!

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