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Hey guys!

This is long overdue. I’m sorry – life’s taken over the past few weeks, I’ve started a new job (yay!) which I’m gratefully loving, new career, new direction so I’ve been mega busy and my blog has been getting some weekly loving but nowhere near as much as I was posting 😦 I do have reasons as well as me starting a new job! Something very exciting has come up – I was contacted by the lovely managing editor of julietturnsthepage.com to write for her website which I’m SUPER excited about! You can have a little nosey at my profile here

It would be amazing if you could show me some love over there 🙂 

I’m also trying to step up my game with YouTube at the minute, I have lots of ideas of new vids coming up so make sure you don’t miss me…..! 

Anyway… Let’s get to the nitty gritty it’s what you all came here for 😉 – Festival season is upon us and my first one this month was Parklife, Manchester. It featured chemical brothers, Hannah wants, Jamie XX, Jasper Jones, Katy B, DJ Koze, Meme and LOADS more. I couldn’t help but take the opportunity to dress up as a glitter fairy (yeah yeah I know this look may have been over done BUT I LOVE IT MAN!).


I started with the glitter hair fashion statement. I mixed up fustian glitter with silver glitter and wet look hair gel. I popped half my hair up into a bobble and slapped on the glitter to my routes! This look was inspired by Tasha Leelyn on YouTube which I’m sure you’ve had the pleasure of watching already!


I took some tiny coloured gems which I found in the £1 shop! Now, this is where I improvised and got creative. I added 3 gems to the middle of my forehand and added silvery glitter around them sticking them on with eyelash glue! I say the spontaneous the better that way you will create a super individual look to suit your own style. Go crazy with colour and you’ll stand out from the crowd!


I had a cracking time at Parklife – did any of my lovely readers attend? And are any of you guys planning any other festivals this year?
Lots of love xxxx

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Hey! Thanks for popping by…

I feel like I’m becoming more and more committed to this blogging lark, I’m putting more time and effort in to each post and noticing a difference from my first blog post written two years ago (eek, is it just me who finds old writing styles awks?).Today I wanted to share with you things I’ve been loving this month..This post isn’t sponsored mind, it’s just full of products I’ve not been able to put down. Please bare in mind it’s a Friday night as I’m writing this large glass of red in hand, maybe I’ll write better tipsy, who knows?…I can already hear you saying ‘well we will be the judge of that by the end of this post’. I will try and link everything below…Make sure you leave me your social links down below so I can check you out 🙂 PS. This post is split in to two, second part posted tomorrow / Sunday morning (I wrote way too much to bore you with for just the one post!) xox

feb faves products

Firstly I want to start with my Sleek travel size brushes… I recently visited my family in Cornwall and these were little life savers…you know, when you have to condense your make up into a travel size pouch?  Who am I kidding, I definitely didn’t take a travel size pouch, I took my usual large make up bag stuffed into my large suitcase – when I arrived everyone assumed I was staying for the month you know the deal.

fav brushes edited vig.png


Soap & Glory’s Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk is a nourishing cleanser which also takes away makeup, it leaves my skin silky soft and moisturised. Apparently, it’s rich in antioxidants and vitamins A & C and also animal cruelty free, that said, it’s one of my everyday products.

Elvive Shampoo Soap & Glory Alien Perfume February Favourites


At the moment this is my ‘go to’ palette – The Revolution Salvation Palette has all of the staple colours both matte and metallics. It’s super affordable too at £4.00!

Revolution Make Up Eye Palette


My favourite perfume EVER! Alien Thierry Mugler – I don’t think I’ve ever found a perfume quite like it. Every time I where it someone compliments the scent, it’s super distinctive too it smells very strong and sexy.

Alien Thierry Mugler Perfume

Alien Perfume VO5 Give Me Texture Instant Powder and Make Up Brushes

This VO5 give me texture instant powder is actually my boyfriends (thanks Liam muwhaha) but whenever I’m off on a night out or I’m in need of some extra zhuzh this is my go to product. When you have newly washed hair and you need that beehive to be extra voluminous, you know what I’m talking about (THE STRUGGLE IS REAL) – Well, not with this little pink bottle of genius!

Crazy Colour Silver Shampoo Vo5 give me texture

Crazy Colour Silver Semi Permanent hair colour creme is my saviour. When I dye the blonde ombre section of my hair this always fixes the brassy tones. It settles the bottom section of my hair into a much cooler tone. And it’s not bad for the price! You can buy it from Amazon (linked) / Pauls Hair World or Sallys.

Loreal Elvive Shampoo and Conditioner

My hair is super thick and naturally knotty, see what I did there?..No? Haha this wine is going down A treat! Anyway.. Sometimes I get out the shower having soaked my hair in conditioner with great big knots at the back of my head, Maybe I should mention I’ve died my hair every colour under the sun so no wonder my hair hates me. Elvive extraordinary oil shampoo and conditioners make my hair feel so nourished! And they smell delicious! What more could you want?


I love to find out what products you lovely people use so if you would like to, comment below your Feb Favs  🙂





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feb faves miniature milk


Evening outfit on a budget!


top  Forever 21 £5



Forever 21 £6.50



Carvella – £18 Charity Shop!


The two stoned ring (right hand side of image) one was a present from my lovely boyfriend this valentines. The mood ring (single stone) was from a market stall in Ibiza. The silver thumb ring was from a little shop in Greece. The necklace was bought separately to the pendant and later attached. Both from Ebay!


Primark £7 SALE!

Fashion on a budget 🙂

Mini Milk xxx