I think I’m addicted to PokemonGo


Now if you’re here because you want to know what the owner of Miniature Milk gets up to in her spare time – you’ve come to the right place! BUT BOY IT AINT GONNA BE PRETTY. If you’re here for a good giggle, I aim to please and if you’re here because you want to laugh at me for being a sad little creature then I salute you! 

Let’s face it PokemonGo is taking over, I’ve spent more hours on PokemonGo this week than I’d like to admit but let’s get down to the nitty gritty and talk about Pokemon Problems.

Let’s talk Pokemon problems…

1. Number one is going to touch on a very important issue when pokehunting – you ALWAYS need GPS (yeah we know that Imogen) Let me just explain. Because this week I got VERY excited playing Pokemon Go on the tram (we will get to that stupid part later) – My Pokey girl walked past a gym with a substantial amount of pokemons with low CP (if you don’t know what CP is, it’s basically their health and power or some shit). So,  I thought ‘you know what, I’m gonna give this a go!’ There I was with my raticate ready for a fight, I win 2 rounds and the 3rd round begins… THEN THE TRAM PULLS OFF, EVERYTHING GOES BLACK AND BEFORE YOU KNOW IT I’M IN A TUNNEL WITH NO GPS! You can see where I’m going with this one can’t you… Don’t think you can have a quick sesh in the gym while you’re on a tram, or any moving vehicle for that matter! You’ll thank me later…

2. We all love a good Poke stop being turned into a pretty pink fluttery stop because you get never ending pokemons to catch but come on Pokemon, give us more than just a Drowzee!! This happened the other day to me, I must have caught 12 Drowzees in one go!! 

3. If you haven’t already downloaded Pokemon, I would suggest you don’t, number 1 it consumes your life (and the secret real reason is so it stops it crashing hehe!) 

4. That pesky Jynx- oh why are you so hard to keep in that god damn ball!? Am I not spinning hard enough? Do you not think I will train you well enough? Please give me a reason, I need a little closure.

5. Once you’re past level 5 you start to make excuses to family and friends, justifying that the app is not just a game, you get more exercise (especially when you want to hatch your eggs muwhaha!) 

6. Don’t you ever let anyone tell you that you’re wasting your time! You catch those rare pokemons, fight those battles and walk your little arse off (you never know, you might also get that summer bod before the end of summer and to those of you who already have it well done you, you get a shiny gold star).

7. Relationships now have extra people in them. Those pokemons won’t catch themselves – go ask your boyfriend / girlfriend if they want to go for a pokehunt walk see what they say #datenight

8. Pokemon has been so popular since it came over to the UK, it’s had its fair share of issues. How many times do I have to catch a Pokemon and right after the second ‘gotcha’ appears on the screen my phone crashes. Great! I think POKEMONGO owes us all at least 20 rare pokemons each for the ones we did catch, before a frozen screen appears! 

9. Pokemon Go is so sociable! I’ve spoken to so many people while I’ve been Pokeyhunting, people I would have never, ever had the pleasure of meeting…

10. Although I’ve said it’s sociable,  it did cause a little bit of uproar in my family.. My brother defriended my dad on Facebook (so 2016) due to a misinterpretation of a status he put up about Pokemon hunting.  Say no more, maybe discuss your Pokemon hunting with the under 40s because some people will never be happy you’ve caught 223 pokemons while walking around a children’s play park at the age of 29!

11. When you find a GREAT Pokemon to catch but then you run out of Pokey Balls – #lifeover

So go grab your pokeball and get hunting guys. If you agree with half of these give this post a little share and spread the Pokey love…

Thanks for reading xxx 

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Hi everyone!

Today I’m bringing you a skincare review…except this is a very exciting one as I have tried and tested five products from the Arbonne range. I was contacted by the lovely Maimie Yelland an Arbonne consultant to try out one of their skincare ranges for myself. I told her I have fair and dry skin and that I wouldn’t necessarily say my skin is sensitive to many products. Maimie recommended I try out the FC5 Moisture Fresh Complex range.


Arbonne is a Swiss ultra-premium brand and the products are botanically based, Vegan Certified, pH correct, Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist Tested, Certified Gluten-Free, Kosher Certified, Drug Free and Cruelty-Free. They claim to have no hidden nasties! Sounds good right? So I delved in to try these products out for myself.

http://maimieyelland.arbonne.com/ | @MaimieYelland  | Maimie Facebook

Arbonne Review

Arbonne Cleanser Review

For a Cleanser I usually use the Soap & Glory – peaches and cream. I’ve been using this for a good three months now so to break away from my usual routine – I was a little bit apprehensive to say the least! Nevertheless, I gave it a go. After taking my make-up off at night I took a small amount of the hydrating cleanser and I massaged it into my face in circular motion, ensuring my whole face was covered. I then left the cleanser on my face for a couple of minutes before heating up a clean flannel in a bowl of steamy hot water. I then placed the flannel over the top of my face and pressed gently to remove the cleanser. Once I had done this my face felt refreshed and rejuvenated. The consistency feels quite thick and feels extremely moisturising on the skin. I like to apply my cleanser in this way as it gives you a more intensified feeling of cleanliness after a day of heavy makeup. I have no idea why I was apprehensive because I genuinely feel like this could be my next full time cleanser! I rate it a 9/10 and recommend it especially for dry skin types.

Arbonne Day Lotion Review

Next up is the NURTURING DAY LOTION DAY WITH SPF 20. I have tried a number of different day creams and I tend to prefer a creamy consistency to moisturise the skin. I have a lot of dry areas that need constant rehydration. For me, this day cream was very thick, moisturising and can easily be used before priming your skin. This product is SPF 20 which is great to protect you on an everyday basis. I give this a 7/10.

Makeup Primer Review - Arbonne


I also tried the ARBONNE PRIMER which funnily enough reminded me of the Benefit the PoorFessional Pro balm primer, although I loved the ARBONNE primer more than the Benefit one. For me the Benefit primer becomes quite bitty in texture and separates as you apply it, leaving an ugly residue which isn’t a good base before you apply foundation. This was different, it was easy to apply to the skin and left a smooth, soft, silky base ready to apply a full face of makeup. I also noticed that the primer made my foundation stay on slightly longer than it normally would without the primer. Because of its thick consistency it smoothed over fine lines, blemishes and spots nicely. Overall I give this Primer at a whopping 9/10.

Arbonne Hydrating Eye Cream Review

HYDRATING EYE CREAM – I am quite naughty when it comes to eye cream and I don’t usually include an eye cream in my skincare routine. I know, I know its bad please don’t shout at me 😄 I just don’t have the time to be putting three or four products on my face before I go to bed! Busy lifestyle and all that. It will probably catch up with me! Having said that this eye cream was a great consistency. It was thick, creamy and nourishing for those pesky under eye areas. The next day after prepping my eyes with this product : it reduced my tired looking eyes and my skin felt hydrated. I give this product a 7/10!

Arbonne Night Cream Review

Finally the MOISTURISING NIGHT CREAM. This, again had a very thick consistency (I’m guessing because this range is particularly good for dry skin the formulas are thick and creamy bases). I love an extra creamy night time product, you’re asleep for around 8 hours and those 8 hours are vital for rejuvenating your skin to prepare you for the next day ahead.  I give the night cream a 9/10.

Thanks for reading my Arbonne review. I haven’t tried these products before but I will be making future purchases. I love that the brand are vegan certified using only beneficial healthy ingredients it’s definitely one you should try too!

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Mental Health Awareness Week: My Story

Hey guys!

I just wanted to have a little catch up with you little lot! This week is Mental Health Awareness week (16-22nd May) so I thought I’d share something to raise some awareness and hopefully give you a little confidence boost along the way.

Recently I have been uploading to YouTube, I’m creating beauty and fashion videos at the moment but I have a few other ideas up my sleeve which will hopefully be super fun! This month I bought the Blogger Beauty Box for the second time and I was SO happy with some of the products I got. The box was packed with beauty goodies and even included a Makeup Geek blush pan! As I did last time I will try out all the products and review each of them in a few weeks so keep your beautiful eyes peeled for that. Anyway, I hear you thinking ‘where is this going?’, ‘And how is this going to boost my confidence?’ Well I hear ya..!

I started creating YouTube videos last month, at the tender age of 23. Now, for those of you who have met me will know I’m pretty shy so for me to do something like this may seem way out of character…But, I’ve wanted to create YouTube content for over 5 years now but I’ve NEVER had the confidence to. I’ve filmed and even part edited videos but never plucked up the courage to press that upload button. Being afraid of being judged in the real world stopped me from following through with what I was passionate about, I was always conscious of what other people might think of me, or what other people might say and that’s so sad…why should we live our lives a certain way because we’re worried about what others think? But I suppose that’s the anxiety speaking, the constant worry of what others have to say about us, the cloudy head, the feeling of wanting to shrivel up into a tiny ball, to run away from our thoughts. Nothing was stopping me from uploading videos to YouTube five years ago other than my mind! And we need to break the thinking cycle, train our minds to fight instead of flight…to help and support one another. 1 in 4 people will suffer from a mental health problem each year – 1 in 4!!! That’s a hell of a lot of people. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to speak out, the chances are someone you know will either be going through a similar thing or know someone going through a similar thing. The stigma surrounding mental health will shrink dramatically if we speak out and as my mum used to say ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’.

If you’ve missed opportunities because anxiety has had the better of you..Try to put yourself out there, one little step at a time. It’s so easy for me to sit here and tell you that but practise honestly does make perfect and the incredible sense of achievement after for pushing your boundaries will make the next time ten times easier. If you want any tips on how to be more mindful click here

If you want to head over to my channel and subscribe that would mean SO much to me, you can keep up to date when I post weekly vids 😀 CLICK me to sub 🙂

Creating this channel was a MASSIVE step for me, confidence wise…and the only thing I regret is not starting one sooner. I hope this little post has some what inspired you to go and push your boundaries and if any of you ever need to talk, my virtual door is always open…

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DIY Blackhead Peel Face Mask – Easy Recipe

DIY Black head removal peel off face mask and demo.

The latest makeup trends of 2016 include baking, strobing and highlighting your face to look like you have beautiful glowing skin. But where does these trends start beauties? SKINCARE! Piling on concealer, foundation, primer, contour creams and highlighters can clog up those pores leaving your skin your worst enemy! So every once a week we should really pamper our faces, renew our dead skin cells and get rid of unnecessary clogged up pores. I have seen peel off face masks everywhere claiming to remove black heads at a hefty price. Now if the product does what it says on the tin then it’s worth paying for, but what if I told you you could get the same affect for under £5 !?

Want super soft blackhead free skin? Try this affordable DIY face mask.

Please everyone don’t forget to use non toxic children’s school glue, also remember everyones skin type is different so please do a small patch test before putting anything onto your body. 

It would be amazing if you could share the love and subscribe lovelies 😀



  • Children’s Non-toxic glue
  • Activated charcoal
  • Mixing bowl and mixing brush



Pop a table spoon of glue into a bowl. Add around 2 table spoons of charcoal and mix into a smooth consistency. Pop it onto your face for around 30 mins (you can use a hair dryer to speed up the process). Peel off from the bottom upwards and avoid right under the eyes as this area of skin is a lot thinner than the rest of your face.


You will find silky soft black head free skin underneath! Give it a go now!

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This is not click bait people…keep your eyes peeled for the Smart Drugs and I’ll be on to that later!

Having creative block is super annoying when it comes to blogging! I think we’ve all been there! No matter how hard you try to get motivated sometimes it’s just too much! Whether it’s life stuff in general that gets in the way, your mental health playing horrid tricks on you or that creative spark just isn’t igniting, sometimes no amount of guilt will get you back on track. But I’m here to hopefully give you a helping hand, a little nudge in the right direction! Here are my ideas, tips and tricks to help you get out of your rut!


Blogging tips and blog post ideas


Read a magazine! Sometimes reading a magazine like vogue or instyle can give you an idea for a fashion styling post, they also feature lifestyle pieces which may spark an idea for a tagged or list post! And if you need to save on pennies (like me!) then I’ve listed some magazine type websites to get those creative juices flowing!


Tips to crack writers block

I also love to look at other bloggers for inspiration, sometimes you can find someone who’s on a similar level to you are or they may have similar interests, tips and tricks – Where better to find inspiration!? None other than bloggers themselves! I’ve listed some of my favourites in topic order! Please feel free to write in the comments who your fav inspirational bloggers are.


Poppy Deyes writes about Travel, food and Lifestyle but I go to her for some serious photography inspiration, also I love her layout!


If you want some travel inspiration look no further than Will’s blog ‘The Broke Backpacker‘ – claims he spent travelling around Asia on $12 a day including flights! Now if that doesn’t get the travel bug going I don’t know what will! (See what I did there, Don’t know what Will…Will’s blog, Will writes The Broke Backpacker, No, OK.


OK, so some of Tanya‘s posts are totally unattainable from my point of view because, YOU KNOW, I unfortunately don’t have a spare couple of grand to travel to the Maldives, New York or go on an African Safari. BUT, I love Tanya’s travel posts none the less and if anything Tanya gives me inspo to get my saving hat on, it’s Tanya!

http://skinnedcartree.com/ | http://slimmedcartree.com/ http://geekedcartree.com/

Corinne from Skinned Cartree is one of my all time favs, i’ve learnt SO much from her blogging tips and when I feel like I’m in a bit of a blogging rut, I know if I turn to her site I come away feeling like MR T! She’s like a blogging queen!

Blogging tips and ideas

Watching YouTube can be a massive inspiration depending on your blog niche. There are plenty of YouTubers creating creative DIY videos, beauty, fashion and travel content. Watching someone else might spark an idea. Here are some of my favs…

Jazzy Bum – DIY / Lifestyle
Soph Does Nails – Beauty, nails and DIY
MamaMia Makeup – DIY and Makeup 

Sometimes life gets the better of us and we simply just need a break from blogging. Try not to feel guilty and put pressure on yourself if you need a break, your blog is your blog and no-one elses that’s the beauty of having your own space! In order to be more mindful and maintain a clear mind why not check out my post on how to stay mindful HERE

Smart Drugs Review

Lastly I’m going to touch upon smart drugs. I use the term lightly… because obviously this is going to extreme lengths and I’m neither for them nor against them, I simply don’t know enough about them. But I wanted to touch upon these as i’ve only recently heard about them through a BBC documentary, but increasingly hearing about people taking them around exam times or performances. Apparently, Modafinil is the only safe smart drug on the market which enhances your concentration for hours, makes you wake up earlier and supposedly makes the brain work ‘quicker’. Cons can include becoming unsociable, mood swings and people have noticed a difference in their mental health when taking it (feeling depressed / feeling anxious). It can be used for narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder and excessive daytime sleepiness but a growing amount of people are taking it as a performance enhancing drug. So yeah, weighing up the pros and cons do you agree with students / workers and athletes taking such drugs to enhance their working performance? 


Let me know in the comments if you agree with people taking ‘smart drugs’ to get ahead.

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Tips on how to cope with anxiety


People have very different ways of dealing with stress and anxiety levels, for some going for a walk to clear their head may help, others a little bit of meditation may help. For me, as well as meditation I love practising breathing exercises so when I stumbled across this GIF which has been circulating the internet I couldn’t help but get mesmerised / excited ( a little sad, maybe – but wait until you see it!)

The shape starts out as a triangle, into a square, then a pentagon, hexagon, octagon and so on before folding back into itself – making it extremely satisfying to watch!

Breathing extremely slowely can help with clearing the mind from stressful situations and can often soothe the symptoms of a panic attack. Have a go see if you feel calm and more relaxed!

How to Deal with anxiety as a teen



If you want any more tips on how to stay motivated and be more mindful read my post here – Let me know in the comments how you may cope with anxiety.

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Tips for dealing with anxietyTips for dealing with anxiety


Follow my Weight Loss Journey ~ Workouts, Weight Loss and Recipes.

So here we have it – I’m starting my very own online weight loss journey / diary! Nervous is an understatement. I feel like, as you’re reading this post I’m going to feel either totally vulnerable incase I mess up or super motivated, I’m hoping for the latter. But I’m putting it out there, my eating habits and my exercise regime will be written as part of Miniature Milks weight Loss Journey! Fingers crossed some of you are in the same boat as me and we can support each other to shift those extra pounds (or in my case stones, rocks and bricks lols)
Join me in baring my soul…

Weight Loss and Dieting diary


My weight has fluctuated throughout my teenage years and into my early twenties. I’ve been nearing 13+ stone  (82kg ) at my heaviest and 9.7 stone (61.5kg) at my lightest. Uni life is always a struggle, you eat shit and drink all the time, I had a job on top of my uni work so exercising and eating right was at the bottom of my priorities, I ended up putting on so much weight without even noticing and then BAM I looked like Drop Dead Fred when he got his head stuck in the fridge (photos below).
I mean, if I’m out at the weekend I end up consuming copious amounts of alcohol, and the next day is a right off because let’s face it a hangover isn’t the same without a dominos and staying in isn’t any better either – you watch a film, order a takeaway and have endless amounts of hungry hippos and wine gums to hand!? It’s time to change, I’m 23 years old and keeping fit aint gonna get any easier so it’s time to kick start maintaining a healthy weight!
Come join me through the good, the bad and the ugly…I’m bound to make mistakes along the way (that’s where you lot come in!) BUT I will get my summer body!


         Lighter Weight in Ibiza 2015 and heavier weight at Uni  in 2012

Weight Loss blog UK Journey


Weight Loss Journey UK Blog











Drop Dead Fred


My stats weight loss journey blog weight and height


I’m 5ft 3in tall (cough, short arse) and I weigh 12stone 2lbs which is about 77 kg. WOW, I can’t believe I’m putting this on the internet! Apparently, my healthy weight is between 7st 7lb and 10st 2lb (48kg – 64kg) but I’m going to aim to get down to 10stone as my body shape and bone structure is quite curvy so I’m pretty sure I would be disgustingly thin at 7st 7lbs!
Now all the juicy stuffs out the way, let’s get down to the nitty gritty! Today I had my first gym session (please bear in mind I haven’t been to the gym in around 2/3 months and haven’t ran in the last two weeks so I eased myself in gently!)


Gym Workout Weight Loss Journey UK Blog

First off I did some stretching.
Next I did a 15minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout on the running machine.
I started with 30seconds jog at a slow pace then 30seconds of sprinting and kept alternating between the two until around the 10 minute mark. Then I switched to 45 seconds sprint and 30seconds slower pace.
Next up I did 10 minutes on the revolving stairs – for me this is a killer! When I was much fitter I would do HIIT training on these too, I’m going to avoid this until I’m a little more healthy!
I did 20 minute floor exercises including ab workouts, plank, leg and bum exercises.
I finished my workout with another 10 minute HIIT workout on the running machine and some stretches!


So, there was day one! I think by blogging my weight loss journey I will be much more motivated to keep going and it might be interesting for you guys to see if I succeed or fail! I know todays workout wasn’t great but it was a start, I think I had gym fear so I needed to ease myself back in. But, I will be finding a weight lifting and cardio plan very soon which I will also post. Let me know in the comments whether you want me to post weekly updates on my weight loss, maybe I will post healthy recipes I have been loving too!?  I would love any suggestions you would like me to add to this series too 🙂 


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