You know those days when you look in the mirror and just feel like a big blob!? Well, today I had one of those days (I’ve been having that feeling a lot lately). I’m not just talking physically I feel very unhealthy in myself and groggy / little or no energy. That’s when you know you need to take action! So me and the boyfriend thought enough is enough, let’s see if we can eat clean for 1 month. We’re giving ourselves from today (17th July) a 1 month target and then by then hopefully the routine well naturally follow! I hope you all can see once I’ve written it to the people of the Internet it actually needs to happen and can’t just be a throw away goal HA!

Since becoming a vegetarian I have noticed I’ve lost a little bit of weight which is good but I’m still binging on unhealthy bits which isn’t good! It’s that feeling of giving into temptation and then the moment it hits your lips the shame and regret smacks you right in the face ha!

I’ve also been paying for gym membership for the past 4/5 months and not going nearly enough as I would like to. They say you have to start with your food and everything else will follow. So I’ve stocked up on avocado, bananas, peanut butter and my blender is at the ready! Now let’s do this! Who’s with me? 

Any tips and tricks are greatly appreciated šŸ’— xox 



Weight Loss Journey


Hi lovelies!

I hope you’re all fabulous and well. First things first, I have been super absent on the weight loss front, due to my foot being out of action for a while! If you don’t follow me on Twitter, I stood on a sewing needle and part of it snapped off inside my foot OUCH! I had an operation to remove the needle, yeah drastic I know!Ā But now I’m all better and back on the gym grind yay! I haven’t weighed myself since last time because I know I’ve probably either gained weight from not exercising or stayed the same (I’m hoping for the latter but I’m pretty sure I’ve gained oops!) Anyway, I’ve been a veggie / pesc since January so I thought I’d share with youĀ an occasional day eating with me!

This week I swapped out my dairy margarine and cheese for veganĀ alternatives. I stopped drinking cows milk since February time but now I’m feeling I want to switch out other dairy products! Let me tell you, the margarine tastes just like dairy marg and the cheese is delicious too!


So I started the day with some ready brek with soya milk topped with frozen blueberries. I love adding frozen blueberries because they melt away and make the ready brek taste SO good! If I’m going to the gym I’ll add some protein powder to the mixture.

What to eat in a day for veganism and weightloss

For lunch I had 4 cream crackers (I know, naughty, but I had a major cheese and crackers craving that NEEDED taming!) I used the vegan butter and vegan cheese, topped with some crushed avocado mixed with hot chilli flakes and garlic. YUM

What to eat in a day for veganism and weightloss

Next up I had a banana vegan milkshake! I just blended two bananas, some soya milk and ice. Sometimes I will add protein powder just to get some extra protein in my diet.

What to eat in a day for veganism and weightloss

This is when naughty Imogen knocked on the door, I got way too excited to try the quorn veggie nuggetsĀ so I had these with homemade spicy sweet potato wedges and some cooked spinach. And boy did I add way too much spice, these burnt my mouth off! Almost as much as when me and Liam tried the hottest chilli ha you can watch that HEREĀ ! Our normal dinner would consist of a curry packed with vegetables and potato / polenta or a stir-fry.

What to eat in a day for veganism and weightloss

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