Story time, sales assistant insulted me in Superdrug? Makeup Revolution review


Funny story to this post (actually, maybe just awkward) I was after some colour popping lippys to make a bland outfit sassy. So I hit up Superdrug in search of a vibrant lipstick…


I came across the Amazing Lipstick Makeup Revolution range which is super affordable. Immediately I picked up the most colourful ones ‘crime’ (Fuchsia), ‘depraved’ (purple) and ‘vice’ (a gorgeous bright orange which typically, I couldn’t find while writing this post) from their range. No shopping basket in hand, I bundled all of my favs into my arms whilst the shop assistant was still stocking up the range. She turned to another staff member and said ‘Who would even buy this range?, look at this orange lipstick it’s way too bright for everyday wear!’ I glanced down at my products and laughed a little inside.


Firstly, I thought that it was pretty unprofessional of her to be saying that in front of customers (especially customers purchasing the products she’s slagging off ha) and secondly, Why shouldn’t they be for everyday wear? Adding a fun pop of colour to your lip can cheer you up, especially when you live in the rainy North, Manchester people you know the struggle!

Anyway besides the sales assistants disapproval, you guessed it I bought them all! 

So let’s all …

Makeup revolution lime crime dupe


While these dry, I make sure NOT to press my lips together, or blot them or anything of that sort. Basically I don’t move my lips at all while these dry because any contact with the lacquer during the 30 seconds right after application will mess it up.

Here’s a photo of me wearing the Depraved lipstick with a top coat of velvet depravity – salvation velvet lacquer. It’s super affordable at £3 and is a great lime crime dupe. Staying power is good lasted all day for me. These are extremely pigmented, and dry totally matte. I feel like the best way to wear these for me has been to use the tiniest bit possible otherwise it can feel too heavy and uncomfortable.

vib lip face2

In the comments section – Let me know what you think, would you wear these lip colours? If so, which one?

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Give this post a like if the London commute is a real life struggle on a daily basis…
Story time: my move from London to Manchester.
So, whoever told you moving house is one of life’s most stressful things, probably deserves a gold star. And I should have listened to them…After my 6 month contract working in London has come to an end, I’m currently on day 7 of my working week and have packed my 12 month adventure into a suitcase and a few bags. Manchester is my next stop, I’m going back t’up North!
I don’t think I thought through exactly how I would transport all of my belongings to work, on the tube…but god loves a tryer, doesn’t he?
8.45am – Removing all traces of mine and Liam’s (my other half) fun in London. This included a bag full of chocolate which I later have to leave behind 😦 my hips will thank me later (or at least until I get to Manchester and buy another terry’s chocolate orange but shsh don’t tell them!). I’m listening to Oasis – Stop crying your heart out, oh how appropriate. I’m actually pretty sad about leaving, it’s been a good run Brixton, I love ya!
9am – Packing the last few bits, I’m sweating like a pig in a blanket… all of my make up I have JUST applied is dripping off my face as I drag my case and bags down two flights of stairs. My neigbours are walking past me judging me like it’s abnormal for a 23 year old girl to be juggling 6 very, heavy bags on her own. BUT NO, IT’S OK YOU GUYS JUST WALK ON BY! Didn’t want any help anyway I’m trying to be independent and all that.
9.30am ish – Arrive at Kings Cross and i’m thinking there is no way in hell I will be able to walk from here to my office!? At least a ten / 15 minute walk away – doable if I wasn’t lugging around a 2 tonne sports bag and a suitcase. Receiving very strange looks, I can’t decide at this point whether it’s because my face is literally dripping with sweat or the fact my case kind of looks as though I have a dead body inside, zips ready to burst open.
Inline image 1
I’m getting an an uber…And yes I’m an uber customer, to the annoyance of black cabs. They HATE uber don’t they!?… Did you know black cabbies have to take regular tests and it takes at least 2-3 years to become a black cab driver? No wonder why they hate uber… Anyway off I clamber into the Uber car, my driver Felix is super nice and helpful. Doesn’t make my mood ANY better though.
9.40am I arrive at my office..*type code in* …Doors locked. *Type code in again* doors still locked…This is you Imogen, obviously this was going to happen.
Now i’m stood outside the office looking like sweaty pig blanket surrounded by bags, anyone watching me probably thinks I have just been kicked out my mums house, because uno I look like a 14year old child!
10.10am WAHOOOOOOO! Security have arrived, I’m in! Yes! My head has kindly agreed to come down to body temperature now too, bonussss!
Inline image 2
10-6 WORK, WORK, WORK – (with a Mini Yo Sushi Me break in between).
6.30pm Leave work. Uber. Euston. Hand my oyster card back. Get a fiver… This is real, I’m leaving london – arhhh!!!
If you have ever waited for a train at Euston, you know exactly what i’m going to say next…
6.55pm Waiting amongst the ever-growing crowd at Euston departure boards is how I imagine it to be in the wild. Monkeys, lions, tigers all looking around at eachother trying to suss out who’s getting on the next off peak train from Euston to Manchester, because you know once that platform number appears – the chaos starts. There’s pushing, shoving personal space has gone out the window. SAVE YOURSELF he screams whilst picking another chimps eyebrow hair out.
7.23pm My train is called… everyone runs, it’s like some kind of zombie apocalypse!
Inline image 3
I think someone actually got annoyed at me for tripping over my suitcase!? I mean you can see the suitcase trailing behind me, I can’t move any faster pal…We’re all stuck in this together!
I clamber onto the train at coach U, because it’s highly likely coach U is the unreserved coach. Manage to find a seat and I attempt to put my case in the hold. The queue builds up either side of me whilst I struggle with my weighty case loading it on.
3 glasses of wine later, I have arrived!
Uber to my new flat…How exciting!
The next adventure begins here…
Thanks for reading about my stressful London to Manchester journey.
Mini Milk xxx


Chillie Challenge 2016

For those of you who have seen mine and my boyfriend’s first chilli challenge, eating the British Komodo Dragon Chilli you will know how much pain and suffering we endured … A little exaggeration there Imogen No but seriously, there was pain, stomach cramps, tears and sweat. It wasn’t pretty! (If you didn’t here it is)

You would have thought it’s scarred us for life!
NOPE…We took it to the next level and were stupid enough to try the Carolina Reaper. This time we went fully loaded on the Ice Cream front.
Here goes…







Miniature milk sign off


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Having lived in London for 5 months without a kettle this is exciting news for me on a Saturday night 😂#NoMorePanBoiledTea #GettingOld



When it takes nearing twenty five minutes just to get into the station around London 😩

I’m getting use to the mayhem of London but this is too much in the rain. Get me home! Like if you feel the same about the hideousness, that is London travel!