I think I’m addicted to PokemonGo


Now if you’re here because you want to know what the owner of Miniature Milk gets up to in her spare time – you’ve come to the right place! BUT BOY IT AINT GONNA BE PRETTY. If you’re here for a good giggle, I aim to please and if you’re here because you want to laugh at me for being a sad little creature then I salute you! 

Let’s face it PokemonGo is taking over, I’ve spent more hours on PokemonGo this week than I’d like to admit but let’s get down to the nitty gritty and talk about Pokemon Problems.

Let’s talk Pokemon problems…

1. Number one is going to touch on a very important issue when pokehunting – you ALWAYS need GPS (yeah we know that Imogen) Let me just explain. Because this week I got VERY excited playing Pokemon Go on the tram (we will get to that stupid part later) – My Pokey girl walked past a gym with a substantial amount of pokemons with low CP (if you don’t know what CP is, it’s basically their health and power or some shit). So,  I thought ‘you know what, I’m gonna give this a go!’ There I was with my raticate ready for a fight, I win 2 rounds and the 3rd round begins… THEN THE TRAM PULLS OFF, EVERYTHING GOES BLACK AND BEFORE YOU KNOW IT I’M IN A TUNNEL WITH NO GPS! You can see where I’m going with this one can’t you… Don’t think you can have a quick sesh in the gym while you’re on a tram, or any moving vehicle for that matter! You’ll thank me later…

2. We all love a good Poke stop being turned into a pretty pink fluttery stop because you get never ending pokemons to catch but come on Pokemon, give us more than just a Drowzee!! This happened the other day to me, I must have caught 12 Drowzees in one go!! 

3. If you haven’t already downloaded Pokemon, I would suggest you don’t, number 1 it consumes your life (and the secret real reason is so it stops it crashing hehe!) 

4. That pesky Jynx- oh why are you so hard to keep in that god damn ball!? Am I not spinning hard enough? Do you not think I will train you well enough? Please give me a reason, I need a little closure.

5. Once you’re past level 5 you start to make excuses to family and friends, justifying that the app is not just a game, you get more exercise (especially when you want to hatch your eggs muwhaha!) 

6. Don’t you ever let anyone tell you that you’re wasting your time! You catch those rare pokemons, fight those battles and walk your little arse off (you never know, you might also get that summer bod before the end of summer and to those of you who already have it well done you, you get a shiny gold star).

7. Relationships now have extra people in them. Those pokemons won’t catch themselves – go ask your boyfriend / girlfriend if they want to go for a pokehunt walk see what they say #datenight

8. Pokemon has been so popular since it came over to the UK, it’s had its fair share of issues. How many times do I have to catch a Pokemon and right after the second ‘gotcha’ appears on the screen my phone crashes. Great! I think POKEMONGO owes us all at least 20 rare pokemons each for the ones we did catch, before a frozen screen appears! 

9. Pokemon Go is so sociable! I’ve spoken to so many people while I’ve been Pokeyhunting, people I would have never, ever had the pleasure of meeting…

10. Although I’ve said it’s sociable,  it did cause a little bit of uproar in my family.. My brother defriended my dad on Facebook (so 2016) due to a misinterpretation of a status he put up about Pokemon hunting.  Say no more, maybe discuss your Pokemon hunting with the under 40s because some people will never be happy you’ve caught 223 pokemons while walking around a children’s play park at the age of 29!

11. When you find a GREAT Pokemon to catch but then you run out of Pokey Balls – #lifeover

So go grab your pokeball and get hunting guys. If you agree with half of these give this post a little share and spread the Pokey love…

Thanks for reading xxx 

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Ten Things You Should Thank Your Boyfriend for

When you’re both leaving for that cinema date, the taxis outside but you’re still perfecting your eyeliner…


All of those times you both stumble out the club and he gives you his coat … Nawww



Those Megan McKenna moments, ESPECIALLY when it’s that time of the month. (Boys will never understand how much pain we go through, we deserve those 20 snicker bars, am I right?)



Having to sit through hours of us watching make up and hair tutorials.



Putting up with the endless amounts of hair left EVERYWHERE around the house…




Having to deal with puddles of your tears just because you can’t find something to wear.

kim k crying



When you make him do girly shit *Girls night in* Face masks, pedicures..HAIR REMOVAL!

hot chick



When you’re are upset, and act like you’re not upset and then you get more upset because he didn’t recognise that you’re upset… ‘What’s up’ ‘nothing’ … ‘Well aren’t you gonna ask me again?’



When you make him watch a live fashion show in the shop because you can’t find a dress that doesn’t make you look fat.



When you both order food, your salad doesn’t look that appealing anymore so you dig in to his fries 😉 


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Chillie Challenge 2016

For those of you who have seen mine and my boyfriend’s first chilli challenge, eating the British Komodo Dragon Chilli you will know how much pain and suffering we endured … A little exaggeration there Imogen No but seriously, there was pain, stomach cramps, tears and sweat. It wasn’t pretty! (If you didn’t here it is)

You would have thought it’s scarred us for life!
NOPE…We took it to the next level and were stupid enough to try the Carolina Reaper. This time we went fully loaded on the Ice Cream front.
Here goes…







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